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I have done a hair transplant from this so called "clinic" in late December of 2010 and the results have been VERY UNPLEASANT. The results of the transplant do not look natural at all and the transplanted hairs are all going in the wrong direction. Not to mention the pluggy look. The donor area in the back, now has a VERY HUGE LINEAR SCAR, which can even be seen with with shaved head with a 12mm guard.


The "sales consultant" / "director" / "middleman" / " salesperson” is the man Gerald Olkus aka Jerry Olkus who was born in 1946. Usually these people are seasoned sales veterans who receive a percentage of every procedure sold. Even though they wear white coats, most have no medical training and are illegal in certain states. Other than confusing the doctor/patient relationship they also represent an unnecessary extra expense that everyone can do without.


During the consultation, Jerry promises the surgery will be a pain free and scarless procedure and provide the state of the art procedure which will result in the most natural looking appearance. He also mentions that the minimum grafts this place will accept is 1,000 grafts because they will not be getting enough profit. He also pressures his clients to get the procedure done with a stern attitude.


During the whole procedure, the actual doctor, Oleg Antonov was only seen for the few minutes which he came in to cut the donor strip. The technicians did all the rest of the work unsupervised. That resulted ina wide donor scar and my hairline was composed of 3 to 5 hair grafts. The aftermath of the hair transplant was very painful. During sleep, some blood would pour out the donor area and would stain the pillow.


Til this day, these are the permanent results from this hair transplant:


-Unnatural / bizarre appearance

-Severe scarring

-Permanent numbness in the scalp

-Pitting (divots) or cobblestoning (bumps) on the scalp surface

-Transplanted hair does not match very well with existing hair

-Lingering pain or sensitivity in the donor area

-Poor coverage of transplanted hair


During the whole encounter with Jerry, he seems very disillusioned and talks about how many patients are complaining about the results they give them. I can see why now.


I will be filing complaints to the local district attorney of PA, Medical Board of PA, Attorney General of PA, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and possibly a lawsuit against this place.



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