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Dr Devroye 4 MONTHS post op

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Hi All


I just thought I would provide an update at 4 months.


Everything went fantastic post op. The stitches came out after 14 days and I was pretty much back to normal. I was picking my daughter up from school on day 5 and nobody noticed a thing, the work was so refined. I had no post op swelling, I put this down to the Medrol, I took post op.


Overall my 2nd HT was far easier than the first, in terms of downtime. I think that this was due to the fact that I only had 1000 grafts this time, but also due to Dr D's ultra refined work. A big thank you again, to him and his team.


Well, 4 months now and things ahve been happening for around 2 weeks. The pictures show that the temples and hairline are filling in nicely! Can't wait for the next few months!!!


I have also added the link to my original post and also my gallery.








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Like you said. It started growing and will progressing soon. I think your endresult will be great.

I think Dr devroye is a really good doc. He does a Good job. I had my surgery just 10 days ago and til now nothing to complain about.

Happy growing :)

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Coming in nicely mate!!! Only going to fill out that already impressive head of hair uv got!! Looking forward to your updates!!!

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