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Yeah, I wasnt even considering a scalp reduction until Dr. Cooley brought it up. I was only was going to get 1500 to 2000 grafts, I knew at the time it wouldnt be enough to completely cover the CVG. If you are considering both i would definitely consider doing the scalp reduction first. It makes the area of hair loss smaller so you would need less grafts to cover it. If you got a HT first, im guessing you probably could lose some grafts when they remove some of the skin.


I absolutely kept it from everyone, I would just wear a hat or bandanna or something. As far as taking off from work, I was in between jobs at the time so it was a perfect time to get both procedures. If you are looking for more an estimate of how long you should take off, I'd probably ask your doc. If you want a more detailed process of what I did just let me know. I did not experience any shock loss but i can definitely understand how that could happen. I always wondered does one still have shock loss if they shave their head in those areas prior? My head was shaved for the procedure, It actually made it very very uncomfortable when my hair started to grow back through the sutures because my hair is so course.

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Hi guys - I have CVG as well. I haven't visited this site in a while ,so glad to see some recent posts.


Is the Dr. Cooley referenced the one located in NC? I haven't been able to find anyone in Dallas that is familiar / experienced with CVG and various solutions (reduction / transplant).

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22M here. Just found out i have CVG, and experiencing thinning aswell. My hair rapidly fell out within the course of 4 months. I had zero balding before that.

I really want to hear from all the people in this thread how your CVG has turned out years later. Is it the same, or worse? Please, please, please. If you have CVG and see this message, respond!

Also, i am happy to take all advice i can get for CVG and the hair loss that comes with it.

It would be really nice to start a chat group or find someone to talk to about CVG that also have it. Please send me a message and i will respond!


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Hey all. Just set diagnosed as well. 35 years old. Decided to buzz my head as my hair was thinning in the front and the crown. When I did I discovered I had cvg. Looking for any kind of support group to talk about this. Possibly a Facebook page? Really kind of self deflating and depressing and not knowing where to really start. 

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A week ago I got a hair transplant and found out I have CVG. For now, it is not a huge problem since I never noticed it. So if I grow my hair out again I won't notice it.

What worries me:I read CVG is progressive. Is secondary CVG progressive too? Has anyone experienced it got worse over time?


zijaanzicht rechts.jpg



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