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Dr. Paul Shapiro-10 Mos Result after two procedures-4545 grafts

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Lovely result. Janna, were any grafts placed in the crown or is this the result of meds? Thanks

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Nice work Janna.

2 poor unsatisfactory hair transplants performed in the UK.


Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.

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Very nice!


Do the grafts naturally go into that side parting or is that his own hair style?


Did he get complimentary laser eye surgery with the HT too? :D

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Travelled to New York from the UK for 2000 grafts in the hairline/front third region with Dr. Feller, July 27th 2012. Very happy with my results.


Propecia daily

12.5% minoxidil once daily

5% Kirkland minoxidil foam a few times per week

Avodart once/twice per week





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awsome result, great job by doc and saff, great coverage , how did the scar turn out ? any reason there wasnt any dfu used in this case? i love seeing the transformations, i need my weekly fix ,lol.

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Beautiful! Great result!

Janna, if you will - How long after his first session did this gentleman wait, until he was back in the chair for his 2nd session?

Would you see this case as potentially a good option to use your SMP into the crown?

Thanks Janna!

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Thanks everyone. I'll try to address everyone's questions. Let me know if I missed any.


The first session addressed the top 1/2. The second session address any thin areas in the front and went further back into the crown top 1/2 of the crown.


There was a year between the two surgeries. As you see by his graft breakdown, he has lower than average donor density so patient knew he'd have to have 2 sessions to get the coverage he wanted. He is happy with his coverage and density.


As for smp, he could be a candidate but I don't believe he's all that bothered with part of his crown showing.


He was on Propecia but he wasn't a great responder. Despite being on Propecia, many miniaturized hairs were noticed by Dr. Paul. He's been on Avodart since his first surgery.


His pics were taken with his normal hairstyle. He's been parting his hair on the left side since his result from the first session. The second session may have addressed a bit more to the left side hairline in general but not specifically to the part line.

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