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Steven Gabel, MD - Eyebrow Restoration - Portland, Oregon/Seattle, Washington

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This patient was interested in an eyebrow transplant to increase the density of his existing sparce eyebrows. He stated that he never had very thick eyebrows so his goal was to define the eyebrows more especially in the outer half of each one. He did not want them too thick.


Approximately 230 single haired grafts were densely placed in each eyebrow. The hair direction is extremely important in eyebrows as the hairs must lay flat against the skin and in the correct orientation in specific portions of the eyebrow. The middle portion of each eyebrow is oriented up and laterally. The middle portion is oriented laterally, and the outer portion of each eyebrow is oriented laterally and inferiorly. If the hairs are not oriented properly, then the eyebrow does not look natural.


The before photos are presented with the outline desired by the patient. The post op photographs are 6 months out. As seen, they are growing well and will mature over the next 18 months.






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