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General Information

Hair loss class: III

Hair color: Black

Skin tone: Olive

Hair character: Curly

Hair thickness: Average

Donor density: 2.5

Scalp laxity: Average

Donor scar:

Closure: Deep: - Superficial: Staples

Donor closure tension (Minimal- Average- Severe): A

Undermining (None- Upper- Lower- Both): N

Trichophytic (None- Upper- Lower- Both): B

Recipient graft / site numbers (estimate):

Hairline: 200

Front: 1126

Top: 0

Crown: 0

Temples: 0

Total: 1326


Initial treatment plan:


- 1st procedure with 1300+ follicular units to restore the hairline and fill in the temple areas

- A medical therapy with finasteride to stabilize or prevent further hair loss


Performed procedure (Decber, 2011):


A Follicular Unit Strip Transplantation with 44573FU:


* 219 single hair FU

* 956 double hair FU

* 151 double hair FU










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