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Corvettester's 3rd HT... Dr. Dorin 565 Grafts FUE.

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That looks great and hair looks THICK!. Quite a change from 1st to now. great hair and length that still looks strong. I am still afraid to leave mine too long.

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Yeah, come on man - feed us, the greedy lecherous hordes! I mean hell, I'm already shamelessly whoring my new pics, and I just got an HT yesterday! - OtherSyde's New Whoring Post


But I'm really interesting in how yours is coming out, since you love to do the style thing and grow your hair out. You probably put it to better use than most of us. Now that mine's getting so much better, I wish I could just grow it all out like you do, the blonde Fabio-esque hipster of the HR Network :)

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