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Dr. Jean Devroye

Dr Devroye : FUE transplant of 2800 grafts with donor zone picture

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This 32-year-old patient received a total of 2810 grafts for 6640 hair which represents 2,35 hair by graft on average. He had two surgeries with an interval of 9 months. The final photos were taken 20 months after the first surgery. The result is very natural and scars are undetectable with short hair.

The photo in close-up shaved hair shows clearly the difference between the already extracted left zone and the intact right zone.







Dr. Jean Devroye

HTS Clinic - Bruxelles

Email: info@drdevroye.com

Telephone: +32 2 880 70 60

Website: http://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/home

Online consultation: https://www.hair-transplant-surgery.com/en/Online-consultation

Devroye Instruments: http://www.devroyeinstruments.com

Dr. Devroye is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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