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2900 grafts with Dr. Alexander

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I first started with a consult at Bosely's and I am glad I found this website after. I did a lot of reading on this site and I am glad this site exists. I went to a few more doctors and I ended up going with Dr. Alexander in Phoenix,AZ.


I had my surgery on 11-19-12 and I am extremely happy with my decision to go with Dr. Alexander. Here our some pics of me post op and 1 week later.


Will post more in depth about my experience and pics later.






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Hi slimjim,


Congrats on your recent procedure with Dr. Alexander. Didn't notice in your post if you had strip or FUE done? I would normally assume with 2900 grafts that you had a strip procedure, however it seems FUE is seeing larger and larger sessions every day....so was very curious which route you went! Wishing you the very best on new growth to come soon!!


Cheers Buddy!!!

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