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Dr. Feller love letter

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Hey all, here goes my love letter to dr feller. This is my approximate 8 month update and I can say unequivocally that going to dr feller was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My hair loss was not particularly bad but I was visibly receding and I hated my daily, hour long ritual of combing my hair a certain way along with a pound of toppik to boot. I was obsessed with my hair and it was truly unhealthy. I wore hats whenever I could, I feared wind and rain, and I got really depressed about 6 months before my surgery as my baldness increased and I felt hopeless. I had contemplated a hair transplant but really never thought I would actually go through with it. I was so nervous that something would go so wrong, that I would end up having a dolls head of hair. It came down to going down this road I didn't like and come to terms with my receding hair and accept it. Or pull the trigger and do this. Truly happy I chose the latter.


I researched for almost a year and had no qualms going to dr feller. I originally wanted fue but after speaking with dr f. I was advised that to get the desired hairline I would need 2 fue sessions. A year apart. Wanting to get this done in one swoop, I opted for fut. I also liked the thought of getting a higher yield for less money. But I hated the idea of having a scar, but came to terms with it after talking with dr f. and consulting with members on this board. I can say without any doubt that the scar has been a total non issue. I really have to look hard to find it and there's no way anyone can see it. I do have long hair so it masks the scar well, but I haven't thought about my scar at all. Also, all the work dr feller did looks completely, 100% natural. My parents and a few select friends all have dug thru my dome trying to look for anything that does not look right, and none of them could notice anything.


It really has been an amazing journey the past couple of months. I have moved on from worrying about my hair and it really is like a huge weight that has been lifted. My confidence is high, I feel at ease in any sort of weather or social situation. I have gotten complements from a bunch of people who hadn't seen me in a few months, and even had a woman say to me that I have such great hair, LOL!!! I also love the freedom of not having to apply a ton of toppik and waste an hour of my life everyday dealing with my hair.


I want to thank everyone on this community. It really has been a godsend for me and if I hadn't found this board I fear I could have ended up going to somewhere like bosley. The photos I posted are pre op, post op, and 8 months. Lastly, a big shout out to spex. For all you newbies, listen to the man. He will not steer you wrong and he really is one of the most knowledgable people out there. He has gone above and beyond for me. And of course, to dr feller and his staff.










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Congrats Icecreamman,


Your hair looks terrific....which is no surprise considering you went to Dr. Feller for your hair restoration! Enjoy the new hairline.....you're not done maturing yet, so I'm sure it's going to improve even more in the next few months! Keep us updated, although I'm sure you'll be too busy out enjoying your full head of hair! Congrats again!!!

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I am not a medical professional. All views and opinions expressed in this forum are of my own.

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Congrats there Icecreamman. Glad to have been of use along the way.


Be great if you are able to call in and see Dr Feller at the office for him to take some better shots especially in a couple of months :cool:


Grow well!!




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Hi Icecreamman, your hair looks awesome man, fear the wind no more infact if I were you I'd just go out when its windy just to feel it blowing through it all!

Really good result, you must be over the moon and still got some good months of growth still to come. Enjoy your new found freedom!

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The title of this thread made me laugh!


Excellent restoration! Congratulations!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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With this new amazing hairline "although you dont need HT" Dr. Feller deserve this love letter. By the way, are you on any medications?

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My Rahal HT thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164456-2500-fut-dr-rahal-hairline-repair.html[/size]

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Congratulations Icecreamman.


I know the feeling :)


Thanx chrisdav, hope your well man.


Hariri, I have been on propecia for 6 years but have drastically cut back my dosage and increased my use of rogaine foam. So far everything seems fine. As far as family history, both grandfathers passed with full heads of hair, both uncles have full heads of hair, but my dad has lost his front 1/3. Other than that his crown is fully intact. I'm hoping to one day get entirely off of propecia. If I have to I won't have any qualms going back to feller or any number of doctors on this site for touch ups. :)

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Hi Icecreamman


I've been in touch with Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich about getting an FUT to lower my naturally high hairline.


He said the density they transplant in the front is between 40-50% or about 40-50 hair grafts per square cm (something about blood circulation being the reason he doesnt go higher).


I'm concerned this will look silly and require to me go back for more surgery (and pay more money).


Do you know how many grafts per square inch you had installed?

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I think mine was around 50 grafts per cm2.


It can be irrelevant though as Dr Lindsey used a great example in another thread comparing pine trees to oak trees I believe.


Someone with better hair characteristics can get away with having their hair transplanted at a lower density, and still give a great illusion of density (e.g thin hair caliber against thick wavy/curly hair).


This from Shapiro might help.


50% Rule and Thresholds

Edited by chrisdav

2 poor unsatisfactory hair transplants performed in the UK.


Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.

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Thanks for the replies Icecreamman and chrisdav.


The 50% figure is interesting, my hair is quite thick so perhaps thats all i need.


I like the oak trees vs pine trees analogy too.


Dr Path gave me a quote that to lower hairline about an inch, i would need around 2500 hairs "densely packed" at 95 baht per graft.


I'm thinking about it and will get some more quotes in the meantime.


The whole idea of lowering my hairline is a weird fascination that has me hooked, its something that up unti recently i thought i just had to live with.

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  • 2 months later...

Hey all, just checking in, havent been on this site for awhile but my year anniversary is around the corner and i figured id update. I am still thrilled with the work dr feller has done, this really was one of the best decisions i have made. The transplanted hair continues to thicken and day by day it continues to look better. The only thing is the front 1/3 remains much shorter than the rest of my hair but continually with haircuts im able to blend it in fine and in time it will look alright. But compared to where i was a year ago i have zero complaints. my surgery was march 26. 2012, around this time last year I was a hermit, staying in my apt. worrying what was going to happen with this surgery, i was a nervous wreck...now I can say that my hair is not holding me back anymore from living life, and for that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to dr. feller and his staff, as well as everyone on this board who helped me on this journey.


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Looks terrific buddy! Thanks for sharing your update with the forums, and congratulations on making it to the one year mark! Enjoy your new head of hair!!!

4737 FUT with Dr. Rahal on 11/16/2012


Daily regimen: 1/4 Proscar (1.25 mg Finasteride), Rogaine Foam (twice daily), 1000 mcg Biotin, 1 combo Vitamin D/Calcium/Magnesium, 1500 mg Glocosamine, 750 mg MSM, 1200 mg Fish Oil, 2000 mg Vitamin C, Super B-Complex, 400 I.U Vitamin E.


I am not a medical professional. All views and opinions expressed in this forum are of my own.

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Excellent Icecreamman! I'm pretty much a year behind you, as I just got my FUT done by Feller. I had the same fear of the elements, and roughly the same amount transplanted. Though you do have slightly thicker hair, and my recession was more diffuse, it's great to see someone comparable. Keep on enjoying the hairline, I'll be joining you in 8 months to a year. ;P

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