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Passing time during ugly ducking stage

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What do most of you do during the ugly duckling stage of HT? I don't plan on going outside the house much unless I need to. I'll probably be doing a lot of on-line gaming. I'm staying out of town for a couple weeks and need to find a hotel with wi-fi. Does anyone know if you're able to hook an xbox up online using a hotels wi-fi?

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I suppose there are different stages of the "ugly duckling" phase. In my mind I think of the "ugly duckling" phase as from post-op day one until post-op month 6. The first 2 weeks I didn't venture out much, but after that I went back to work with a short haircut and dealt with the curious in a manner that turned out to be much easier than I expected. As far as nights and weekends I throw on my comfortable slightly looser baseball cap and no one would ever notice I've had anything done.

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