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Hiding donor area after transplant

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Hi All,


I had a FUT transplant with Dr. Panine 3 weeks ago for 4200 grafts focused on the front hairline and moving back towards the crown. Everything seems to be going according to plan as I have had my stitches removed, and have started shedding some of the grafts.


My question for you all involves the donor area. While having stitches removed I was told that everything is healing nicely from the trico closure. However, when preparing the donor site, they did some trimming on the right side going towards the back which has left quite a difference in the length of the donor area and surrounding area (which was about 1" at time of procedure). I have also experienced some 'shock loss' around the area. It's at the point where most of my head is looking quite shaggy and the difference in length is quite noticeable without existing hair being able to cover donor area. I have tried some couvre on the donor area but it is still quite noticeable due to the discrepancy in length of hair (looks like a dent with paint in the middle). Hair is growing again in the donor/trimmer area but I am thinking about giving the rest of my head a trim to even things out a bit. Has anyone tried this? Does it make it easier to mask with dermmatch or covre? If so, how short should I go with the haircut?


I appreciate all of your input!



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Definitely have a trim to even it it out. By evening the length and reducing the contrast it'll appear much less noticeable.


In my view Couvre should only be used for thinning patterns i.e. between hairs, and in conjunction with hair fibres such as Toppik. Without it like you said it just looks like you've painted your head. Using Toppik or Nanogen with Couvre and combing it through should disguise it nicely until the shockloss areas recover.

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I am thinking about giving the rest of my head a trim to even things out a bit. Has anyone tried this?


Thats' what I did.

In fact I had Hasson/Wong do it the day following my surgery.

It was important to me to have some look of balance.

Of course the top is going to be shorter,

but at least it looks a bit more normal having it all shorter.

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Remember a hair transplant turns back the clock,

but it doesn't stop the clock.

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