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Advance hair loss transplant surgery result Norwood 6 with 1 year post op with before and after pictures by Dr. Diep. This patient had over 5,000 hair grafts transplanted. His result is phenomenal, very natural and dense. His ethnic hairline created by Dr. Diep is appropriate for his face. The average height of his hairline is 7.5 cm from the mid eyebrows to the hairline. With a full set of hair and lowere hairline, his look has changed for the better, gaining 20 years of his youth back, gaining self confidence and self esteem. Dr. Diep specializes in the art of natural ethnic hairline.









Dr. John Diep is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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Dr. Diep,


Thanks for presenting these results. The hairline looks very natural and the result looks great from the front view. Do you happen to have any photos showing the patients results from the top? Did you also transplant his crown? If so, I encourage you to present a few photos showing this patient's crown before and after surgery.


Also, were 5000 grafts transplanted in one session or in multiple sessions?


I look forward to your response.


Best wishes,



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Nice result! Big improvement. As Bill mentions, other photos would be really helpful!

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