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Post Op 3 Weeks - Is This Normal?

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I had a 4500 graft HT done with one of the industry's top surgeons. I am now at exactly 3 weeks post op.


My donor scar is healing very well. But my concern is with the graft area. Aprox half of the transplanted hair has fallen out. Whats left on top is very thin. Its all spotty now. Some areas have hair and others dont.


Is this normal? I had 4500 grafts and look no better than before the transplant.

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If you had a procedure by a 'top surgeon', they should have covered the post op changes you are likely to go through and a timeline.


I suggest, for the money you have paid, you contact the surgeon and ask for this information as it will put you at ease over the coming months.


In short... Transplanted hairs shedding is normal. This should have been explained to you numerous times in your consultations.


sounds like you are suffering mild shock loss, which i wouldn't worry about as it should grow back if the follicles are strong.


Pimples are usually a sign of early growth, but i doubt you would have this after 3 weeks post op, so it's probably just oil under the skin causing that.


As a golden rule, months 1-3 you will look worse than before the procedure, then you will start to see changes as the new hairs start to grow.


Can't comment on any scarring issues as i've only had FUE.


Hope this helps



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