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2600 with Dr. William Lindsey 6/28/2012

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2600 with Dr. William H. Lindsey 6/28/2012


I had my HT procedure done on June, 28, 2012 by Dr. William Lindsey. Everything went according to how Dr. Lindsey described it. Here's a detailed account of my experience:


I barely got some sleep the night before as I was very nervous. I woke up showered then was at the office at 7:30 as the ordered. He took some pix then drew the hairline and asked if I wanted it a little lower or a little higher. I asked for a little lower. Then after agreeing on the hairline pics were taken again. Next, I took one of the valium pills. A few minutes later the doc gave me 6 or 7, if I remember correctly, shots in the donar area. Immediately I started to feel numbness there. Wendey came and shaved the donar area to perpare it to be cut out. At around 8am I was taken into the room where the cutting would be performed. I was on my stomach on a bed similar to the massage beds as it has an opening for the face. Good music was playing in the background and the doc and I were chatting away and before I knew it the cutting was done. I was taken to another room where Dr. Lindsey numbed the recipient area with a number of shots. He then started to make the slits which felt a little funny. Throughout I felt no pain. Next, hair was being placed in the slits. This part took the longest and we had to break for lunch. It wasn't painful at all but the numbness in the back started to wear off and I started to feel a little uncomfortable in the back of my head and the doc came in and gave me more shots.

I was done at around 3:15. My sister came to pick me up. I would have to say the whole procedure went much better than I expected. I was very smooth and painless. I was dreading the cutting of the donar area but that was painless and much better than I expected.

The next few days I would take pain killers whenever I felt pain. I only felt uncomfortable when trying to sleep. I was afraid of damaging the new hair or scratching it in my sleep. After 4 days my forehead started to swell up and with each day it started to go lower and lower till it got to my eyes and then it went away. I was warned that this might freak me out but honestly I thought it was so funny as I looked very scary in a weird kind of way. My family enjoyed laughing at me!

A week from the procedure I had my stitches taken out, which made me feel more comfortable sleeping and wearing a hat. I wore a hat every time I went out and I looked normal. As a matter of fact I hung out with friends and they never suspected a thing... I'm talking 10 days after the procedure!!

The new hair started to fall off exactly 19 days post-procedure.

I had to keep my hat on for the first 7 weeks whenever I went out. But after that my hair looked like it did before I had the procedure done. Now I'm just waiting for things to happen. I already feel some new grown hair. I don't know if it's native hair or the new hair.

I plan to see the doc soon and have his take.


In conclusion, Dr. Lindsey and his staff were very cool and professional. I've always had a good feeling about Dr. Lindsey but was fearing the procedure itself. Now, I see how easy it went. Hoping for great results!!


















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Welcome and thanks for sharing your detailed account of your hair transplant with Dr. Lindsey. He has a huge and well-deserved following here.


I hope you'll continue to update us on your progress. Best of luck to you as you progress along your hair restoration journey.

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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