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my story at Dr Cam Simmons Office..amazing

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Sorry this is long but I had to share my visit to this clinic because I think credit for outstanding service is due here..


last month I met with Ben Shaw for a consultation and Dr Cam Simmons..I felt super comfortable that they were after my best interests and not my money.(but who ever knows) we came up with a plan for my surgery that made sense for future hair loss and booked a date for oct 23.. this is where the nerves and doubts started setting in...


I emailed Ben back and forth about my concerns (even on the long weekend) and he promptly called or emailed back.. we decided we should meet again to discuss my options.. after our meeting I felt a bit better and it was Ben, not me who suggested that postponing was in my best interest (he already had my deposit) because he could see my struggles through this process and knew I wasn't fully ready. We both agreed I should shave my head and see how I like it before I commit to the surgery.. I did just that, and after consulting friends and family We decided revisiting the transplant route next year or so when my balding gets worse, because eventually i still would like to do it.


I told Ben about my plan and without hesitation refunded my deposit even though he really didn't have to


When I am ready there is no doubt this will be my clinic. he has given me hours of his time and it does not go unappreciated so I felt he deserved this write up.


people can say "ya ya I care about our clients well being its not about the money.." they actually proved to me they were not lying


so thanks again Ben and I look forward to my procedure when i am ready to jump the gun. when the peach fuzz is gone.




I included a pic of my shaved head (severely buzzed head)




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Nice to hear of your positive experience s2k.


Dr Simmons is excellent and he always presents great work on here.

2 poor unsatisfactory hair transplants performed in the UK.


Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.

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Hi Darren,


I am glad that you had a great experience at our clinic. We appreciate your kind words and feedback.


BTW...Your shaved head looks great!



I am an Office Administrator for Dr. Cam Simmons at the Seager Medical Group.


Dr. Cam Simmons is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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