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Dr. Keene female patient before and after 1300 FUT to hairline

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This young woman came to Dr. Keene to even out and bring down her hairline, which was slightly receded, more so on one side than on the other. Dr. Keene evened it out, and filled it in with a little over 1300 follicular unit grafts. By the year end, when she was able to see the full results, the patient was thrilled. The photos are from before and after 12 months.


Here is the graft breakdown:

1 haired grafts 357

2 haired grafts 528

3 haired grafts 301

4 haired grats 151

Total 1300 +

Total hairs 2920 hairs




I am a medical assistant and hair transplant surgical assistant employed by Dr. Keene


Dr. Keene is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Nicely done! Thank you for sharing.

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant for the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog, and the Hair Restoration Forum


All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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    • In this short video, we have a guy my age, with class 4 or 5 hair loss on whom we did a nice frontal third case.  We show close up shots of the scar early on and late...and his results.   He makes it challenging in that with that short haircut....there is no layering to give extra hair "body" in the front, and that scar has to be excellent.     The video is:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ2yZSOnQOE&feature=youtu.be       Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
    • Thanks for your input. Here is to hoping my next procedure gets me good coverage, at least at the front.
    • Not entirely surprised by the result taking into the account the number of grafts, the area transplanted into and the hairline design. You had extensive baldness going into the procedure and  think 2381 grafts was never going to be enough to give you a good result. Probably needed somewhere nearer the 3500 graft mark Don't think it's a complete disaster though, more a case of just not enough grafts being placed and density suffering as a result. Don't think it will take too much to get you where you want to be and your donor looks pretty good. In terms of the cost, believe Dr Diep is around $8 per graft for FUE. That is H&W and Dr Konior territory and with H&W now seemingly having more cases with them tackling more extensive balding with FUE, I know where I'd be headed if I had a budget of $8 per graft.
    • Here are my father's results. I will be posting the pictures we sent to Dr. Diep's office, my father's pre-op pics, and his post-op pics. He received more than 2600 grafts places in his frontal 1/3rd via FUT. I was hoping that my father got a result similar to SWdan's since they are similar in age (62y/o) and had almost the same amount grafts done by FUT One thing I will say I've noticed is that physicians who were surgeons before they became hair transplant docs definitely seem to suture the scalp skin more seamlessly after a FUT. My father still has an indentation along his suture line. I am just comparing this with all the work I've seen from Dr. Lindsey and his FUT suture lines. My father's scalp could be a 1 off for Diep and maybe Lindsey would create the same indentation, I don't know, but I am just stating what I've noticed. Not here to trash any physician but I just want to give honest feedback so other people have an idea of what they may be getting. (My father is a physician and I am a 4th year medical student, if that means anything to anyone.)     This picture looks a lot better because its taken in very low light and he dyed the heck out of his hair and scalp here.   Pictures of his scar about 2 weeks after the surgery. I think there was lot of shock loss around the scar which makes it look worse than it really was. The hair seemed to have grown back now but there are more noticeable indentations to the touch at the beginning and the end of the suture line above both left and right ears. I don't have pictures of the donor area right now but you can't notice anything unusual visually so its safe to say the all the hair grew back. Also from the last time I saw my father, it didn't seem like the scar was wide, so that's a positive, but I'll have to check again when I see him next.      
    • I will be posting some pics of my father on this thread to show you guys what I am talking about. I am following quiet a few Erdogan patients that had surgery in 2018 and 2019 to see how their results turn out. Like you said, I've seen a good amount of poor results by his clinic recently and am a bit skeptical. I don't want to waist donor grafts as I'm sure all of us on this forum feel the same way. I've seen a lot of recent posts by Hair of Istanbul on IG and youtube. Any idea about them? A good amount, maybe a quarter of the small bottle. But I buy fibers off of ebay in bulk to save on the cost. Couldn't have said it better. I have the same feelings as you when it comes to how he runs the business. I will try and see what I can do about a refund. I think I will enlist Melvin's help because he seems to have a good relationship with Dr. Diep. Yes I agree and for a quarter of the price. That's my main issue, the price is so expensive and to get this result is a bit disheartening, but I am in this journey for the long haul. I knew what I was getting into when I started, thanks to this forum and other forums like this.
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