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Dr. Ron Shapiro – FUE – 6 Months Result – 1831gr/3896 hairs

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Hi Badbeat,


You're right, he does have fine caliber hairs. The title on this thread will be corrected to 6 months result as this patient had surgery 6 months ago, not 1 yr ago so he'll see further improvement in the next 6 months. Sorry for the mistake.

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Very natural and age appropriate! Nicely done.

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Thanks everyone. It's great to see patients happy with their results at 6 months post op. I think use of Hypothermosol holding solution plus ACell fine powder has really accelerated the growth phases for our patients.

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Very nice, natural looking result!

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Excellent result. His pattern of loss isn't a million miles away from my own. I probably have more of a hairline whereas I'd have more loss in the midscalp area, hence why I need a few hundred more grafts. Great to see it turn out well though.


Out of interest Janna, it appears he wasn't buzzed to the same level all over i.e. he seems to have a little more on top. Was this the case?

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janna the result is great, happy for him and great job by doc and staff, the solution you guys are using for holding the grafts and acell for the grafts,is that just for fue cases or strip and fue ?, the waiting period must be the hardest part, if grafts grow faster, that would be amazing.

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