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Hi every one, I'm brand new to the site and am planning to have an FUE procedure done with Dr. Rahal. I've been through the consultation and would have liked to of had the procedure already done, unfortunately I'm having quite a bit of trouble with being able to finance the procedure. I have great credit history, great job, and some money saved, but I seem to be striking out. I'm 23 male, nw 2a and was quoted 2000 grafts by Dr. Rahal. I know the FUT is much cheaper, and dr. Rahals scars are pretty much amazing, but I do buzz down my head from time to time even though it's pretty long now. I want the option of a buzz cut. I know it's a small thing that i should be able to get passed, but in my work (one of my jobs) I sometimes don't have a choice in how my hair will be styled. Any info is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can get on my way to an official date sooner rather than later!

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