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Dr. TRUE (True & Dorin) - 2516 FUT W/ Trichophytic Closure

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First, beautiful work by Dr. True with relatively small amount of grafts but with a patient having great hair characteristics (wavy, salt & pepper, medium caliber, somewhat course).


Second, I have a question about the patient's scar (great photos of it, by the way, and a very thin scar indeed): In the right hand photo with the hair above the scar taped up, there appears to be about a 1.5-2 cm ribbon of scalp below the scar with little to no hair growing from it. Did the patient suffer permanent shock loss below the scar, or am I seeing something else?



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Hi PupD......thank you for your comments....to clarify the trichopytic display, the picture on the left is showing the patient's donor area prior to his second procedure. On the right, in preparation for his second procedure we shaved down the area from which the new donor strip will be removed. The previous scar will be replaced. Once the shaved strip is removed, the space is completely closed (see pic below).



Patient Services Director for True & Dorin Medical Group


Dr. True and Dr. Dorin are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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