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Considering hair transplant with dr humayun

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Hi, i am thinking about going for a hair transplant with dr humayun, was thinking about booking my flight in september, i have had a transplant already with a different doctor last year of 2600 grafts, the results were poor but atleast it wasnt a total failure, the hairline turned out good.

I am 4a on a norwood scale and only 26. Any suggestions.

Dont like medicines as you have to take them for the rest of your life and i dont want no side effects. Anyway, i know hair transplant will not give a very good coverage especially under strong sun light, But you can always use consealers to give you density,

Guys, what do you suggest, some of dr humayun's patient have had good results, and some did not update their profile after the first 5 months.

I like the scar made by dr humayun, its really thin like a line, which gives you the option to almost shave the sides and back and just keep hair on top to reduce the signs of hair thinning in the crown,

And how many days after my transplant can i return to work keeping a cap in my head for the whole day (hope the cap wont effect the results)

But guys please let me know if you have had a transplant with dr humayun, and how were your results.

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Hello Newone,


Where are you based?


You can read my experience here:


HT procedure with Dr Humayun


I had a pleasant experience, but as they say 'the proof is in the pudding'. I am waiting for my results, as it is too early to post results, yet The hair lost during shock loss is beginning to come back.


You have to be realistic with your expectations. Don't expect a full head of hair.


"And how many days after my transplant can i return to work keeping a cap in my head for the whole day..."


This really depends on how tight your scalp is after your HT and whether you have any swelling. I had considerable swelling on my forehead and top part of my nose, because of the extra shots of saline solution around my hairline. Fortunately, I work from home.


I wore a cap on straight away, but be careful not to have it on too tight that it might catch a graft, I also wore a surgical cap underneath. I still wear a cap outside.


I'm currently on supplements and use a Ketozonale based shampoo.


If you do proceed with Dr Humayun, try and have your stitches removed by him at his surgery.


If you need to know anything else, please feel free to PM me.

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If you have strip, be sure that the band on your cap is not too tight so that it puts tension on the sutures. A looser fit cap is better and also that it does not rub against the newly implanted grafts.


Best wishes to you! :cool:

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Thanks for the replies. I mean 10 days are enough for any swwlling to dissapear and the grafts to be secure under your scalp,

I am still not sure about this transplant as i am still young and loosing hair in the crown area too, i supose i can get another transplant after a few years to fill in the crown,

Dont want to take medicines because of the side effects.

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Not too sure abt dr humayan. But if u r considering a surgeon from asia, can consider dr pong from thailand.

I had done my ht wif dr pong abt 8 mths ago n i would say i m vy happy wif the results. However, dr pong is not recommended on this forum. But trust me, he is good.

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As per my info: Whether you go for HT or not; in either case you have to address hair fall first. My dermatologist told me the same. He said, even your HT surgeon will prescribe hair loss medications after HT.


Also in one of the forum, someone said, situation get worst if you don't address hair loss and go for HT. He said, your hairs will be like a doll as only transplanted hair will stay but existing hair will fall. And if your existing hair on crown is more than transplanted hair then it will be a doll-hair scenario.


My dermatologist prescribed me Finasteride and Minoxidil (5%) liquid 1 ml twice a day. Due to Fin side effects, I am not convinced to take it. But am using minoxidil 1ml as it does not have any serious side effects.


Normally people recommend to go for treatment first and then for HT. Same my derm recommended me.


As for Dr Humayun, myself is also interested to know his patients update for post HT 5-12 months. Perhaps, if someone from his clinic is reading this OR Dr Humayun himself then it would be great if they can share patients update of 5-12 months post HT.


Also, from Dr. Humayun Patient Results on this site, it is not clear whether their HT is done via FUE or FUT.

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Most transplants are done fut, you are right about Controling hair loss first. But fin has serious side effects and minoxidil doesnt work for everyone, it does slow down hair fall in some cases, is it necessary for everyone loosing hair to end up as a type 7 on the norwood scale, some people's hair loss stops at type 6 and some even at type 5,

I should upload some pictures to show my thinning area, but i often access this site on my iphone and cant really load pictures through a phone. But i supose you front half of the scalp is the main part, you can get a transplant there, and after years as you loose more hair you can get another surgery to fill in the gaps etc,

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Best of luck with everything. The doctor has posted results and answered some questions himself here. I haven't seen many FUE results by him, but one maybe. In some of their previous result threads, I did ask to see if Shangla can upload more of the doctor's FUE work but he ignored me more than once so I gave up. He never responded to me. I actually know people near them that wanted a procedure but if you don't get an answer and feel ignored then what can you do. So, I left it there.


But anyway, please do keep us posted and it certainly is much more valuable to have someone post their results themselves rather than clinics in my opinion. Wish you the best and hope you have what you desire in the end.


I do agree though, his FUT scars look pretty good.

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