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Worried... should I get pinmples 1 month after surgery?? Progress Pics included

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First of all its been just under 4 weeks now since my temple/ hairline lowering transplant.. the shockloss seems to be still happening (been doing so for about 2 weeks now) but hopefully will slow down as been 2 weeks of it. Right my main worry here is should a shed hair graft look like the pic I have included or is the black bulb at the end bad news? Quite a few of my fallen hairs seem to have this black bit at the end... this worries me.

Another thing is I have washed my hair everyday since with the baby shampoo at the front and my normal Alpecin at the back. I have what I think (hope) is a pimple thats a bit red abd bloody the last day or two... I touched it gently and its actually quite painfull, like a stinging sensation. Is this a pimple of a lost graft? i can't honestly see how it would be a lost graft though as I have been extra careful, even wearing socks on my hands when sleeping.


Another quick question I have is I have never used Rogaine before and thinking of starting it to make my hair lost through the shockloss to all grow back healthy and hopefully at a better rate... is it a bad time for me to start in Rogaine having never used it before?


Really worried, someone offer some wisdom please. :eek:


I hope my pics help.


Kind regards









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Hi Saskue,


Aside from the few "red" spots, it all looks pretty normal for the 4 week mark. Keep in mind that shedding is still very normal at this stage, and dislodged grafts will usually occur from the 0-10 day mark and involve noticeable bleeding.


The small areas of irritation could be caused by a variety of things. Frankly, while it's likely that the spots are caused by simple irritation (or something of this manner), I highly recommend contacting your operating clinic/physician and asking for advice. It's always best to follow their post-operative advice as closely as possible.


Good luck!

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Thank you for the info. I have really been following everything post-op instructions tell me. I have been wearing a loose beanie hat allot but its always clean, maybe this could be the cause of this red spot.

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