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VHi All,


I owed this form a lot because from here I learnt about the HT and I was lucky to come across Dr Radha, guys I live in Australia and I did 2 operations in Private hospital and my operation with Dr Radha was outstanding. Dr Radha is handling patients so professionally and I am speechless because I consulted 3 clinical in Sydney they were shocking.


Here is my story, I started reading about the HT in Jan, I really spent so much time and it was getting different answers, it hard to believe anyone and I was confused, so I made plan:


The first thing I made the list the counties close to Australia that has really good doctor and after shortlisting the countries, I chose India.


I looked through the doctors in India, I came across 10 - 12 doctors and I had chat with most of them, they were promising so much and everything is possible but when I talk to Dr Radha I felt and she told me what is possible so I sent Dr Radha my photos.


At the beginning I did want to do have FUE but after lots of reading and considering the outcome and benefits of the “Strip” operation I decided to go for the strip operation, she detailed the benefit of strip operation, so she told me she will used strip to extract 3000 grafts plus FUE another 500 – 700 grafts and she never over promised me and she told from beginning it depends on my density of my hairs and I remember she told me we will fully decide when she sees me at the clinical.


So I decided to go ahead with the strip, I had chat with a few people who had the strip and I was bit worry about the surgery but they told me it is fine, Rob gave me really good feedback and I called Rob after his surgery and he told about his experience.


Day 1 (18th of May):


Got on a plane from Kolkata to Vishakpatanam(Vizag), thanks to Dr Radha’s driver he picked me up from the airport to Budhil Park hotel, it is very good hotel and if you are Dr Radh’s patient they will give you some discount. Then went to the clinic at 5:30PM and had over a 1hour session, I spent the last 3 months talking to Dr Radha via emails and over the phone so I had pre-plan for the operation and Dr Radha answered all my questions and doubts , I knew what exactly what I want however so we spoke on:

• Planned grafts.

• Area coverage hairline.

• Density packing of the frontal hairline.

• After checking my scalps and my front did required more grafts inorder to have good density so I agreed to use all the grafts for the front and have another small strip operation (1000 grafts) to cover the crown.


When I left the clinic I was giving the betadine shampoo to be applied before I sleep.


Day 2 (19th of May):


Woke up at 7:30 AM and washed my head with shampoo that was given and the Driver came in and he picked me up and went to the clinic, something is very funny I would like to share with you guys when we go to the clinical Dr Radhad has a recipient guy and he would not let you to step in to the operation area without taking your shoes off and he give you a slipper, so guys the staffs clinical are so organise and so professional.


So I was giving a new clothe to wear it for the operation and they put my clothes and personal stuff to the locker and they locked the locker and they give me the key.

Then at 9 AM one of nurse took my blood pressure, blood test for HIV and there was one more test can’t remember, then the nurse went through the procedure they are quite friendly they will clear and explain any question you have, to be honest I was really nervous although for the last 3 months I was talking to Dr Radha and around 9:30 AM Dr Radha arrived went through the procedure and took some photos and I had my own camera asked them to take some photos, Dr Radha again cleared and answered my questions and I was physically and psychologically ready for the operation, she is passionate about what she is doing, I felt so relax and I what I would really like about Dr Radha she is very realistic and honest.


The strip procedure started around 10 AM, very clean operation room and all the nurses are so lovely and helpful and everything went through very smoothly, so she got almost 3970 grafts with strip and I had go density in my donor areas, so basically it covered my frond head pretty much fully (good density) and a bit left on my crown which is I am going for another strip another 1000 grafts, which is going to cover the crown.


Then around 12 PM I had some delicious Indian food, I did want eat too much and took rest for about 30 mins. To be honest I did not really felt pain at all.

Finally the surgery finished around 6:30 pm and was driven back to the hotel by Dr Radha’s driver and was given few painkillers and antibiotic the first night I slept on my side, I got up next day at 8 AM and I went to Dr Radha clinical and the nurse washed my head and they checked everything and it was fine, I was give new instruction to wash my head twice and keep they bandage around my head for one week and take antibiotics and painkiller, seriously I was able to wake normally and just be careful do not bend a lot and spend some money to get good hat to cover your head, that is all I stayed in India for 10 days so after one week I went back to Dr Radah and they removed the stiches and I left for holiday in Camboida and Vietnam


I really like to thanks to RodG who helped me and I call him after his operation and he recommended Dr Radha to me, I will post my photos.


I just want thank Dr Radha for the last three months answering my emails and phone calls she is truly honest, she does not over promise you and whatever she promised you she will delivered to you, thanks guys and please keep up good work.








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Congratulations on having HT with Dr.Radha.

Looks great kardo.. Great work as usual.

Happy growing..

First HT with Dr. Radha Rani on 04/26/2012

Single - 514

Doubles - 2130

Triples- 230

Total Grafts = 2874

Total Hair = 5464

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Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Dr. Radha is producing very impressive results and, based on your photos, I'm sure yours will be no exception. Looking forward to seeing your growth.


Good luck!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


View my Hair Loss Website

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Hi Kardo,


I'm glad that you had a good HT experience with Doctor Radha. She is a very kind person, ethical and dedication person in the art of hair restoration. How did you find the travel to India? I had a bit of culture shock when I was there but I was lucky enough to befriend a couple of students from Bhutan who helped me get around.


The hardest part is going to be the next six months until you see an improvement. Check a post from Doctor Alexander he has a great take on growth times and expectations. Religiously follow your post op advice from the clinic. Good luck.


Cheers Rod

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Hi Rod,


Thanks for your help, I love India and I was expecting things which I dont see it in Sydney, I went out and I came across a few local people and very friendly and they showed me around.


I am checking the hair growth every day and I will see how I go, thanks

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Congrats dude. You have chosen great doctor. You got great number of grafts too and high density as well.


Happy growing

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great work, Ohhyeah , i had my HT done on May 18'th, i remember the driver saying he will pick up you on May 18'th and drop you back on May 27'th i guess, so that was you:)

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