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3271 Grafts with Dr Radha Rani- awesome- no pain

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HI Everyone, I am an Indian, M- 26 and live in the US. I have been loosing hair for over 3-4 years now and Getting a HT was something i was thinking for sometime and i decided to get it done on my recent trip to India in May 2012.

I did some google search and suddenly this forum popped up.

I always wanted to get the best HT and even though my cousin also has started his HT clinic in Delhi a year back, i decided not to use his services.

I read some really good reviews about Dr Radha Rani from Vishakapatnum on this forum and was impressed the way she treats her patient. I didn't waste anytime and emailed her some my pics and inquired the cost of the procedure.


I booked my flight from New Delhi to Vizak by Air India and reached Vizak on May 17 at around 7 PM. I had already booked Hotel Kinnera Comforts Inn through www.cleartrip.com and got some discount.


Day 1



Dr Radha had already sent her driver to pick me up. As i came out of the airport, i spotted him with my name holding with him, he took me to the hotel. The drive was around 13 KM to the hotel. I picked up conversation with him and started talking to him in Telgu( i am a naive telgu speaker), but i could understand him taking, i asked him if he could take me to beach first so that i can have couple of beer before dropping me to hotel. But since it was already late and he had to go to his place too, we rejected the idea.


I checked in at the hotel and ordered the dinner. The room that i had booked was AC, single occupancy, the room was ok( i would rate it 6/10), it was clean though.

I finished my dinner and talked to my relatives and watched some WWE videos before hitting the bed. i put the shampoo that Dr Radha gave to me and put it on the scalp. I didn't get sound sleep because of anxiety.


Day 2.


The wake up call rang at 6:30 AM and i woke up. I had mixed feeling. I was excited to get transformed and also nervous of how painful could the procedure be. Honestly i hate going to doctors and hate the injections. Anyways i got ready and took my breakfast and was ready at 8 AM sharp. The driver was supposed to come at 8:30 AM, so I thought of listening to music and turned on my macbook and suddenly it shut down and won't open, I was like WTF. I tried every possible thing but that damn thing didn’t turn up. Feeling devastated, I came out of the hotel and saw the driver waiting for me, I got it and in 5 mins I reached the clinic. I changed my clothes .

I was amazed to see the clinic, it was very clean and I was greeted by people working there. I was told me go to consultation room where I was told that Dr Radha would come in 30 min. I read some magazines and still thinking about what could possible go wrong with my laptop, it had all my important stuff , meanwhile I almost forgot that I was there for my hair transplant.

Anyways the assistant came and took my blood pressure, it was higher than I have ever had. She asked me if I had any question, all I asked her was how painful would the surgery be. I told her that I have a perception that it is painful, she told me that it won't be painful at all but I kept refuting her saying it would be extremely painful.


Anyways she took the HIV and HBS test. Dr Radha came at 9:15 AM and we started chatting for sometime. She did the measurement and answered the questions I had. I was given some medicines.


We were all set by 9:50 AM and I was moved into the OT at 9:55 AM, I was lying with my back up and she started giving me anesthesia, she put some ice on donor area before giving shots and I was like WTF, it didn’t pain at all. She gave me 4-5 shots( don’t remember the count) but it didn’t pain an inch.


Then the work started, she started working on removing the strip. It took around 2.5-3 hours to get the strip removed and although I felt a little comfortable with my head feeling heavy but it didn’t pain a bit.


I was given an break and lunch was served. I asked for a soft drink and I was given that too. The food was awesome and after I finished that, I again moved to the OT and saw ladies working on counting the grafts, they even show me how were they going about counting them through microscope. Meanwhile my HIV test came and it was negative- sigh....


The second session started at around 2 PM and my head was shaved off and Dr Radha and her team started inserting needles on the receiving area. I was given plenty of anesthesia shots and except one, there was no pain at all, This session took around 45 min to 1 hour and I was given a short break after that. I was told that the total number of grafts taken were 3471. I was happy but Dr Radha seemed little disappointed, she was expecting around 4000.


Anyways the toughest session began and I was given some more sleeping pills. I guess I was given in all 6-7 pills throughout the 3 sessions but I didn’t sleep, although Dr Radha told me that I did sleep for 15-20 min.:)


The last session was toughest, my head felt really heavy and I was waiting for it to get over, I was getting bored lying on the bed without sleeping, I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. I t was very nice of Dr Radha who gave me small breaks to move my neck and adjust my head and was given juice so that I feel relax.


I know I am a bad patient and this was no different here too:P


Anyways this session ended at 8:15 PM and I was like. Thank GOD, it's done. I was really impatient in last 1 hour but the team worked very well.


After everything was done, I was given medicines for the night, I paid the cheque, changed and left clinic and reached the hotel and boom my laptop started working:D


The Night:


I had my dinner and I guess the sleeping pills started the effect, I hit the bed at 9:30 PM and the pain started around 10:15 PM, I took the all the painkillers given to me, but the pain won't go. I kept changing me sleeping position but no good. I think I slept at 12.



Day 3:


I woke up at 6 AM and there was no pain in the donor area. Since I had a morning flight, I reached the clinic at 7 AM and Dr Radha was before me to do my shampoo. I was told the post op formalities and was given medicines and the driver dropped me straight to the airport.


I had to travel 6 more hours in a cab after reaching Delhi airport and the pain was very much manageable.


Day 5:


I got the 17 sutures removed and trimmed my hair.


I will keep updating my post op pictures soon.


Thanks to Dr Radha and her team for whatever they did for me, The whole staff was amazing , she is the best.




Note: The Final Graft count was 3471 and not 3271 that i have mentioned in my title.











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Good luck buddy! I had my HT with Doctor Radha on 21/1/2012. Currently almost 4 months post op. My scar has headled very well and I'm getting excited that I have entered the growth phase.


You've chose well.


Cheers Rod

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As an indian guy with the same pattern I hope it works out for you. I will be keeping a close eye on your progress. Please give us regular updates people have this habit of posting post op pictures an disappearing after that.



Good luck, really hope it works out for you. Are you taking meds?

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Unfortunately your pattern appears extremely aggressive for 26. I would have mediocre expectations for your first surgery of that number of grafts and plan on doing another 3000 next year some time. Good luck and I hope you're surgery is a good result for what you have had done.

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I'm done with my HT with Dr.Radha. Your post 2 week pics for the donor area are identical to mine currently, as I'm at day 15 post-op now.


I can see those white threads around the donor area. I'm eager to know what happens to them in the future. I understand that they come off, and can be seen hanging, when we have to cut it? Is that so? Around what time frame do they completely come off?


I can see white threads around my donor area, hanging in some parts. See the pic attached


Do comment.


P.S - I'll post my full HT experience, when I get time. Too busy these days


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Looks nice....it is also encouraging to see you got haircut near 15 day mark...i have got my HT done 9 days back and wearing a loose bandana in office....i am thinking of getting the haircut at 1 month mark to equalize length of hair......


Your scar also looks gud on 15th day pic....i am wondering how it will look on 15th day for me....


I am naive in the discussion but I am not seeing a need of another HT that so urgently and that too in feb, i would wait for full growth to happen before taking another one......







One HT:

2900 Grafts with Dr. Radha

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I got my hair trimmed on 5'th day right after getting sutures removed.:)


If it's not Feb 2013, i will have to wait till 2014 to get my next sitting, as of now Feb is what i though of and also informed Dr Radha, she is cool with that.


I dont know what the situation will be by Dec once my head is full of hair:D

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From speaking from experience, I would wait at least a year before deciding of having another HT. Its been 16 months since I had my HT and Ive noticed every time I have a hair cut, my HT grafts get more thicker.


Also I applied Vitamin E oil 45,000 IU on to my scar, which help alot.

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Clayman did you wear something outside on your head while you were getting that whitish thing.....I have started to get it now, I am wearing Bandana to work......how long will it take when this white thing go away ?





One HT:

2900 Grafts with Dr. Radha

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Great description and set of photos. Thanks for posting. Yes, now we all want to follow you through the next year to see your updates. It sounds like your procedure went very well. Just look after yourself and follow the post op instructions to the letter of your surgeon and of course be patient. Waiting is the hardest part after surgery. But of course you have the support of this excellent forum and all its members to lean on.

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