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The Best Tape and Adhesive Glue To Keep Hair Replacement With Longer Hold Time

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I have just purchased a Hair unit for my boyfriend, this is his first one. He has had receding hairline in the crown, for a long time, after continuous commercials on tv, he is now decided to take a step in trying it out. We contacted Hair club, but it is not covered under the insurance and there is monthly fee, maintenance charge on top of buying the custom unit. Since it is his first, he preferred not go that expensive route. I have always cut his hair, so I knew this wouldn't be a problem maintaining for him. We have since then found a company online that is wonderful, they provide custom designing as well as have in stock units. I contact them and spoke online with, then email, then by phone, then told me how to take his head measurements, and they happen to have those measurements instock. So we were able to order a instock unit...the hair is Human Hair, and the unit is a all lace unit, with a slight wave texture in a #30 with highlights, which is a medium brown, I can also dye the unit and my boyfriends hair to have a exact color match. The density matches his head perfectly at 65%. We will receive by mail in 7-10 business days to our door. I am very very excite, but would like to know if anyone can share what is the best hair tape and glue to use, for longer hold time. The company said Super Tape. Can anyone tell me what they have used, and will it work in the shower on daily basis? We plan on going out of town and want to make sure that the unit will stay on without lifting.

The hair unit we ordered is so beautiful and want to make sure that it stays on.

The link for the company is HERE they have great communication, friendly and ships quickly. Please if someone share what type of Tape and glue that is best for lace units.




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