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Steve Gabel, MD – Northwest Portland/Seattle - 2642 grafts frontal hairline

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This 41-year-old gentleman was concerned about his receding hairline and desired to have it recreated to a more youthful appearance. Although we discussed his thinning mid-scalp, that did not bother him as much as the hairline, which he wanted us to concentrate our efforts on. 2642 grafts were placed in recreating the frontal hairline and frontotemporal angles. Understanding that hair loss is progressive, he also elected to be more diligent with medical therapy by taking minoxidil and finasteride, which he had been using on and off in the past. He feels that since starting medical therapy, his hair loss has slowed down.


The results are shown 2 years following the hair transplantation. Just before the last visit, he cut his hair short, which he feels gives him a nice, clean appearance with his new hairstyle, which he is very happy with.


Shortly, I will add a video showing his two year results.















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That's a terrific looking hairline. And the scar appears to have perfectly healed as well. I just don't understand why the guy feels the need to cake the gel on. His hair would look so much more full dry. But again, great work!

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Great hairline! He looks a lot younger. I agree with Aaron, those 2600+ grafts would look a lot thicker without all the product in his hair.


Is he scheduled for another round in the future? He looks to have good donor hair.

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Thanks everyone for the positive comments on his results. This patient used to have his hair pretty long to cover up his alopecia, but now that his frontal area has been restored, he has enjoyed his short hair.


aaron1234: he has been experimenting with different styles and between himself and his stylist, they have come up with this look. He said it changes every time he sees her. He is definately happy that he now has more options.


RCWest: At the present time, he is not scheduled for another procedure. His main concern was the frontal area. He is on medical therapy which will hopefully hold his current look.


Slickers: This was a strip procedure.

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