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58 Year old male with Class VII Male Patterned Baldness.

FUT Hair Transplant was done with 4137 follicular unit grafts - 12 month follow up

Miniaturization Study


Location Miniaturization

Hair Line: 100

Corners: 100

Top: 100

Crown: 100

Donor Area: 10


Here is how the grafts were distributed:

Hairline: 325

Front: 1800

Top: 1012

Crown: 1000


Total: 4137











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Thanks Mick,


Hair transplants with large number of grafts (giga-sessions) are a big portion of our surgeries at US Hair Restoration. This gentleman with large balding area was blessed with good scalp laxity and hair density so he received a reasonable coverage for his entire balding area. He is planning to come back for more reinforcement in some strategic locations of his scalp for more density.

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The dedication of Dr. Mohebi's sincerity and commitment as a person is evident in his care of patients. This permeates through the entire USHR team; office and medical technicians, and patient advocacy. I am proud to be a member of a team that helps to restore and change peoples lives in a significant way.

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