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I just completed the procedure with Dr. Meija, in Jupiter FL a week ago. I still have my stitches (coming out this coming week) and the scabs are starting to fall off. Here's my experience in a nutshell (if you dont want to read the whole thing the "net" is Dr. Meija and his staff are fantastic and I'm very happy I had it done. I'd definitely recommend him (and his staff) as a top choice):


I was apprehensive about the procedure and had been thinking about it for about 5 years before deciding to pull the trigger. I consulted with 4 different doctors over the past 5 years. I chose Dr. Meija because he was the most clinical and didn't spend anytime selling me on the service or procedure. He just told me exactly what to expect, and viola, the procedure was exactly like he explained. He was also backed up for over 2 months which gave me some confidence he must have a good reputation.


I can't speak to the results yet, because I dont have any yet being just week in. But the experience was quite positive and I'm pretty confident I am going to get the results just like the doctor described them -- eliminating the transparency I had on the top of my head due to the thinning of my hair line.


I got 3600 grafts (which is quite a few) on the front and top of my head. I didnt want my head shaved so I could hide the procedure as much as possible and Dr. Meija was ok with that (though his preference is to shave the hair low). Some docs wont do it without shaving the hair low because it's easier and takes less time that way.


It seems like the leading "sales" pitch I hear from other doctors was that the procedure is completely undetectable. This isnt really true right out of the procedure and Dr. Meija was completely upfront about that. There are scabs that need to heal and fall off and there is quite a bit of redness on the scalp the first couple days just from all the poking around. I also had swelling around my eyes for a few days (a pretty good amount) due to the pain medication that gets injected into the scalp which can drain into the tissue around the face I guess (or something like that). It wasnt a big deal really and I was warned it was possible. I suppose with less grafts it may be possible to hide it after a couple days (but there are still tiny bumps that turn into scabs that have to fall off).


There really isnt any pain and I wasnt too worried about that - just a little discomfort and a prickly feeling now and then. They numb up the area once you start to feel the prick. The first night is a little awkward sleeping with the stitches, but after that every day is easier.


I am super excited about having this stuff grow in. Of course, I dont know for sure if it will be exactly like I expect but looking at all the tiny grafts it seems like there will be quite a bit of hair up there once it starts growing in. And I pretty much should be able to pull this off without a single soul knowing about it. I work at home so that helps. And after/during this week (the second week) I dont think there will be much evidence of the procedure. My hair will still look a little thin until the grafts grow but it was already looking a little thin so that wont be a tell tale.


The doc thinks I should look like Brad Pitt in a few weeks. I think I'll look a little younger, but otherwise, he's probably right.


Once it starts to grow in, I'll post some before, during and after shots if anyone is interested. If you decide to go with this procedure I can't see how you can do better than Dr. Meija. Very straight forward, meticulous, and professional.


I think his price may be a little higher than a couple of the other doctors I consulted with. My view on that is I always want my doctor to be one of the wealthiest guys in his field. People are willing to pay for the best. And the best force the lessor skilled to "up" their skills to compete with the best (and in case you didnt pick up on that, that is the simpliest explanation of why government subsidized/socialized health care doesnt work.... there is no incentive to be the best so all you're left with is mandated mediocrity, if you're lucky).


Good luck!

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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with recommended hair transplant surgeon Dr. Ricardo Mejia!


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and I hope you will also share your pre ond postop photos.


Heal and grow well!

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Its been almost a year. Any update on your results? I'm thinking of going with Dr Mejia as well, and doing some background work now.


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