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So here is the deal guys. I'm young by HT standards (26) and african american, I have been on and off this site about 2008. Losing your hair this early really really sucks. I refuse to go places without a hat which is messing up my life to a certain extent. Oh and I could go on and on....


My first concern was would I be able to wear my hair short with the scar and everything. But with a Trichophytic closure, Acell with Dr. Cooley, and just good care on my part im sure the scare will be barely noticable in time. Until then I figured I could just cover the scar up to some extent with Dermmatch for a while, until either A. The transplanted Hair grows out and I can grow the rest of my hair with it or B. I can get an FUE into the scar. If I had just go bald for a while I think I would be fine with that. But I found out I have a scalp condition called CVG, which makes my brain look like its coming out of my scalp. So, I really would not like to keep my hair that short in any case. And if I had to choose between plastic surgery (only opiton) to get my scalp fixed or a HT, I choose HT.


Most of you guys said I should wait because I am so young. So I did, tried some hair products. I've pretty much made my mind up to do it but I'm really thinking I should've done it sooner. Nothing has changed in my hair condition. I had a work at home job, which was absolutely perfect for recovery. Now I am in between jobs, I have the money saved up, but I'm not sure now is the ideal time. Because say I get the HT tomorrow and I get called up for an interview next week. What am I supposed to do?? But at the same time its like now or never (or a while). My next job most likely won't be a remote job, and I will have to work a while to even accumulate recovery time. Which from searching looks anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. So what should I do?? Any suggestions or comments about anything at all I would appreciate.

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Your description of CVG made me laugh.


I suppose it depends on how soon you need to find a job and how soon it's likely that you'll be called up for an interview.


The signs of surgery will fade away, and my normal advice would be to just live through it as it's not that bad in reality and patients soon forget about it. But I wouldn't recommend going through the job interview process just a week or two after surgery. It could cause a distraction and things might not go as well as they would normally. Job interviews are too important to risk blowing it all by being extra self-concious.


If you have the money then I sort of want to say go ahead with it now, but that's only if it's a sensible financial decision for you. I have no idea how likely it is that you'll find employment soon. I can't advise someone to spend their savings on their hair if they might be struggling badly in 12 months because they haven't found a new job.


I think only you can really know the answers to your questions because only you know your own situation.

I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal.


My FUE Procedure With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result


I can be contacted for advice: matt@rahalhairline.com

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Hi Matt and thanks for your response.


Well I have already had 1 interview and I have another on Monday. After that I am not sure. You say signs of surgery will fade. Well how long do you think that would take with my hair being short and all? and/or how long would it take to be unnoticeable at least while using dermmatch? Keep in mind I plan on getting Trichophytic closure and Acell.


As far as being self conscious, as long as the scar isn't blatantly obvious. With my head looking the way it looks now, there is no way I will be anymore self conscious then I already am.


Well correct me if I am wrong, but for the HT I envisioned you having to pay a big down payment and then some kind of financing/payment plan after?? They are getting ready to tear down my apartment complex soon, so I will most likely move back home for a bit until my girl and I are ready to move in together. A couple months in rent, thats already a couple thousand. So financially I should be fine. Thoughts?

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Isn't there a surgery to correct CVG, where they basically do a scalp reduction?


Your choice in surgeons is excellent! Dr. Cooley is among the best and is very up to date on the latest things.

Finasteride 1.25 mg. daily

Avodart 0.5 mg. daily

Spironolactone 50 mg twice daily

5 mg. oral Minoxidil twice daily

Biotin 1000 mcg daily

Multi Vitamin daily


Damn, with all the stuff you put in your hair are you like a negative NW1? :D

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Well I don't know for sure. I've heard of incision, subcision, and scalp reduction. I'm not sure if subcision or incision is guaranteed to work depending on how severe the case is. And I believe I read that scalp reduction leaves a scar. I am not sure how much these procedures would cost but I figure I might as well get the HT. Also, if I were to get a scalp reduction, I think it would make it harder to get future HT's. Right now I have this extra skin so it makes me a good candidate....I think lol.


And it's always nice to hear great things about the surgeon trusting your life with. :cool:

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