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Is this a sign of male pattern baldness or maturing of the hairline?

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Hi everyone,


Just a quick question, is this a sign of male pattern balding or is it a case of a maturing hairline? I'm 21. My father has barely any recession and my brother has a mature hairline. I've ALWAYS had thin hair if that helps. There aren't that many males in my family so it's hard to gauge how my hair is going to recede if it does at all. And the ones that are past the mature hairline stage are between age 30 - 35 and they, have no balding issues. My grandfathers had receding hairlines but they didn't go to norwood 7, I believe. I have a high hairline anyways and I've been using this metal comb for the last couple of years and I only brush that side of my head, could it even be traction alopecia? Oh, and that right (left to you guys) temple has been asymmetrical for about 3 - 4 years now...


Any clues would be sweet, I'm not fussed either way. I'll just shave it off if it gets to a point where it looks extreme. I'm just boggled by it...


Thanks everyone ;)

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ah ha! thought as much. okay cool, i'm going to my GP anyways to see if its not any underlying problems juuuuust to be on the safe side. i got a tad bit of the OCD you see and i've been checking it constantly for the last week haha! thanks for your opinion :)

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