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This gentleman had a scar in his lateral (outside) right eyebrow that was stretched wide but was flat and fairly soft. He had no other hair loss and wanted to transplant hair to conceal the scar.

We discussed FUE vs. FUT with trichophytic closure (FUT-T) as options. With FUE, we could have cherry-picked natural single-haired grafts but I would have had to trim the hair shorter to see the angles for extraction. FUT-T did leave a short, narrow trichophytic scar but allowed me to keep the hair longer so we could direct the curl toward his face.

He had 95 single-haired grafts and 19 grafts with 1 terminal hair and 1 parallel vellus hair transplanted into pre-made flat-angled lateral slits. We use skinny grafts in eyebrows, as recommended by Drs. R. Bernstein and J. Epstein. Left-over 2s and 3s were transplanted back into the donor incision.

Many of the transplanted hairs were still visible at 10 days but by 1 month most had fallen out. At his 6.5 month follow-up most hairs had grown back. He does need to trim his eyebrows weekly. His eyebrow will still fill in a little more but he is content now that his scar is hidden.















Cam Simmons MD ABHRS

Seager Medical Group,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Dr. Cam Simmons is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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