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Update - Should I take propecia?


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First off I would like to mention that these photo booth pics make my hairline seem a lot thicker. Just try to imagine thinning farther beyond what you see.


I have been paying close attention to my hair loss the past couple of months. Within this time period my frontal hairline went from completely solid, to thinning all across. It seems the right side of my hairline is thinning quicker. Small hairs have popped up all across the hairline. I am certain these are miniaturizing hairs. Furthermore, I have without doubt noticed a general thinning across my entire scalp.


My hair loss has been progressing steadily for two years (since I was 19) with no signs of slowing down. my paternal grandfather was Bald and my father was almost bald at the age of 60.


My Questions:


Is it safe to say that I am experiencing Male Pattern baldness?


Would it be smarter to start Propecia sooner than later?


Could I expect a complete slow down/stop of my hair loss at the hairline?


Final thoughts:


It is difficult dealing with this at a young age, especially as an actor. I feel for others who have it worse off than me. I have been juggling the pros and cons of Propecia in my head for awhile. It is all so daunting! Besides the possible sexual side effects, I can barely pay rent let alone pay for both minoxidil and propecia.


I have big decisions in front of me. If you guys could give me some insight into your experiences it would much obliged.











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Its hard to say if you are starting to experience male pattern baldness or if your hairline is simply maturing. I would set up a consult with a reputable HT doc to assess the state of your hair, including any miniaturization. They will be able to best guide you on whether you need any medical treatment, including whether propecia is needed and could be taken at such a young age.

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