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Do I need medication for my hair loss? Propecia/Proscar?

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Hi guys


It's been a while since I've come on the forum. I'll make it one of my tasks in the new year to come on more and answer to other people as well.


I'm 18 I've been using Regaine/Rogaine for about a year now. It has definitely slowed things down up until recently where I feel my hair is thinning quicker at my temples and a tiny bit at the crown of my head.


I've heard things about Proscar or Propecia? Are these available in stores? I'm from the UK and wonder if I should be getting these. Do they work as a good combination with Regaine? I've got quite a lot of questions that need answering but any feedback will be massively appreciated.


Apologies that I don't have a photo, I really should get round to that if I want real help. I went to my GP about a year ago when I was first worried about my hair loss. He was bald himself. He said 'if there was any sort of cure, in any form, Prince William wouldn't be bald'. I'm not sure why he didn't help me or tell me about any forms of hair product or medication, it may have been because I was 17 at the time, or it may have been because he simply didn't know anything about it. Who knows...


Sorry for babbling, really, any feedback is appreciated!


Thanks a lot,




P.S I use Regaine twice daily. I use Foltene thinning hair shampoo with a small amount of Pantene conditioner so my hair doesn't go dry as hell, and a Catwalk hair mouse on my hair after I wash it to give it some movement. Should I avoid Pantene and Catwalk? I've come across forums which say stay away from commercial products like these but my hair looks and feels terrible if I don't use them...thanks!

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i wouldnt worry to much about what your doc said. There alot medical professionals out there who really don't understand about the meds that can be taken to help with hair loss. Propecia works for most people who take it, you just have to be careful where you purchase it from. I have been on meds for a year now and even though I would say I didnt get much regrowth, it definately has helped in the slowing process of further hairloss.


Regards :)

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if your in the uk there is a site, you can find it at uk finasteride - Just another WordPress site. You can buy proscar which is propecia but in 5mg form, then just cut the tablet into 5ths. This will give you the 1 mg form which is propecia. I think its about 120 pounds for just over a years supply. It is cheaper than buying brand propecia which can work out between 40 to 70 pounds a month for the same drug. If you have internet you should check out a webite site called spex hair. I got all my info from this guy, he's really helpful and he helped me sort my HT out in america, but i waited a year to see how i responded to the meds first.


Hope this helps



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