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Hair transplant take 2 – Dr William Lindsey

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I agree with rev3, I think there is a big difference between 3-4 and 6 months! You definitely have growth and in another 6 months there should noticeable improvements.

Good Luck!

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Hi all. I've posted a new update on my blog at 8.5 months.


I've also posted a selection of pics below.


There hasn't been much change in the density since 2-3 months ago. While the density is better than after the Transmed operation, it is still thin I feel.


My biggest concern is the scar, which is very wide, and I will have to have some further surgery there.


I am meeting Dr Lindsey and Spex in a couple of weeks for a review.


Thanks to everyone for their best wishes.











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Just a quick update following my meeting with Dr Lindsey and Spex last week.


Both were of the opinion that I still had a bit of maturing left, and that we would review after Xmas. Dr Lindsey is prepared to do a scar repair job for me FOC.


I'm not sure how much growth I can expect, and I'm coming to terms with the notion that I may be unsuitable for hair transplants due to physiology, or maybe the scarring from my previous HT with Transmed hindered the chances with this one. Hey ho.


It was good to meet Spex for the first time, and see for real his amazing barnet.

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