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Dr. Arocha- Male, 4027 FUT procedure, 1 year results

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This gentleman came to Arocha Hair Restoration to start hair restoration of his advancing hair loss. He desired to accomplish as much as possible in his first session. We harvested 4027 FU for his first hair transplant. The results show the growth of his transplant at about one year after the procedure.


You can view the rest of his transformation here.







Employed by Dr. Bernard Arocha. Dr. Arocha is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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Very nice as usual from Arocha. This is a good example to make a point I have been trying to make for some time which is that I think placing too much wait on "Bird's eye" result photos is not useful. The shot directly over his head might lead some to think the result is a bit thin but in reality, he looks fantastic from every other angle. In my mind, the bird's eye is so unforgiving and can even make someone without hairloss appear somewhat thin. The bird's eye view is almost irrelevent unless you are 3 feet tall :)

My Hairloss Web Site -


Procedure #1: 5229 Grafts with Dr. Rahal Oct, 2010

Procedure #2: 2642 Grafts with Dr. Rahal Aug, 2013


7871 Grafts



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