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minoxidil progression

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Hi guys!

This is my very first post and I've been reading tons of what is written in this amazing forum.

I will be recording my minoxidil treatment and taking photos of it's progression every 2 weeks or monthly.

I do hope this will help anyone that would be lucky enough to stumble upon my post.

Thank you all for helping us who are unfortunate enough to get Male pattern baldness get our confidence back by teaching us about hairloss.


here's a photo from Nov 30 to Dec 17 of this year.


I will update it soon with different angles.


Treatment is minoxidil 15% no propylene glycol.


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I think the minoxidil is clearly showing growth, improvement, and lots of small hairs are sprouting up. This all occurred in a short amount of time. I have been using the 5% and it has been working around the hairline as well, clearly seeing growth and do feel it is recharging some hairs that were barely visible at one point. Great to see this type of comparison. Looks great. Good Luck.

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Thank you! I'm really happy that it worked for me!


Just to make it clear, Nov 30 is my 1 month mark. I didn't take a photo of my scalp when I started on the beginning of November.


The black circles are the markers to compare the difference.


The peach fuzz are getting thicker and darker each passing day.

I only apply the 15% minox without PG at night 1 hour before going to sleep so my pillows would be all sticky.


I really wish I started this on my Twenties because it's actually working!


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