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Guest mariewoltz25411697

Can I get any more HTs?

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Guest mariewoltz25411697

I had my HT surgery about 1 yr 6months back in Hyderabad, Inida by Dr. Ashok Reddy. The whole head was covered instead of concentrating on the frontal part. The doc didn't give the graft count. Since the whole head was covered the density is low. Here are the pics of my present hair. Additional pictures are available on my hair loss website. Unfortunately, I don't have my just post op pics.


As you can see from the pics I am NW6 I think. I have a large balding area on the crown. Besides, hair above my ears is thin. This makes my donor supply limited.


What should be my plan of action now. Here are the options I am contemplating.


1) Get another HT and increase the frontal density. For the crown use a partial hair system or sth.

2) Shave my head and do away with HTs. But I don't want my scar to be visible. The scar is not that big but it is not flat. The scar tissue protrudes out. If get micro pigmentation, I think it would still be noticeable.

I am thinking of having a scar revision with ACell. As Acell produces a flat scar, in my opinion with micro pigmentation it can be concealed well.

3) Wear a hair system, without any further procedures.



My hair restoration website:

Hair Restoration Site for Buzz








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It looks to me like you have good donor hair available, however you need to consult a top quality surgeon to be on the safe side!


Dr Rahal in January 19, 2012:)

4808 FUT grafts- 941 singles, 2809 doubles, 1031 triples, 27 quads


My Hairloss Website

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Your donor appears at least average or better. Therefore you could get additional transplants. If you decide to have another procedure I would recommend only have grafts placed in the frontal and forward part of the mid scalp. I have never seen micropigmentation completly cover up a scar.

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