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New here...Ready to get HT...Need opinions

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Hi folks,


I'll thank you in advance for any useful info/opinions/advice you can provide.


Let's jump right into it.


I'm 34 years old, I've been dealing with slow but progressive hairloss since I was in my early 20s. I believe I would be classified as a Norwood 3v. Although, I'm always confused whether the Norwood classifcation is supposed to reflect where you're currently at or what your balding pattern will ultimately end up at.


Regardless, I've been on finasteride for roughly 10 years and on again, off again with minoxidil for the same time period. I've been getting by with Toppik/Nanogen with good success, but my thinning has progressed to the point that it's becoming too much of a hassle to create an undectable masterpiece everytime I choose not to wear a hat.



I'm ready to pull the trigger on a HT. My money is straight and ready to be spent, lol. My HT goals are as follows:


1. Slightly lower my hairline 1 cm.


2. Restore symmetry (hairline currently receding crooked, rightside higher than left).


3. Add density to my front 1/3 of scalp, 2-3 inches back from front hairline.


Doctors I've Consulted With-


I've consulted with in person with Dr. Pak, Dr. Hasson/Wong's office, and Dr. Reed in La Jolla.


Dr. Pak recommends apx. 1000-1200 graphs regardless of FUE or FUT method.


Hasson & Wong recommend a 3,300 graphs via FUT.


Dr. Reed recommended apx. 2,200 graphs via FUT.


Questions for the Forum-

I. I think I'm going to go with Dr. Reed in La Jolla, California. I see that he is recommended on this website which weighed heavily on my decision. Is he still considered a reputable HT doctor?


II. I can't make heads or tails of the descripancies in graph estimates (from 1000 to 3300?) between the different doctors. Any ideas regarding this fellas?


III. Regardless of the estimates given by the doctors, using your judgment in contrast to what my HT goals are, what would you estimate in graph count to fulfill my goals?


Thanks again for your feedback!










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Wow, really? No responses.


Hey, what's up bud. I don't know much about Pak, but H&W and Reed are all very well respected around here. You can't go wrong with any of those guys.

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The only doc I am familiar with that you listed is Hasson and Wong. I also think, according to your goals, I think that they gave you an accurate graft count as well. They are good and for who and what you listed I would go with H and W.

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I really like H&W. Even though the graft count they gave you may seem high, they have a way of making megasessions look great!


Dr Rahal in January 19, 2012:)

4808 FUT grafts- 941 singles, 2809 doubles, 1031 triples, 27 quads


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Just don't lose sleep over which one you choose, All three of those guys are experts, and perform world-class results.


Sorry to be redundant, but Dr. Reed from La Jolla is pretty well-respected on the forum for his work?


I'd love to use H&W, but I simply can't drop the nearly $17K it would end up costing (including flight, canadian tax, etc.).


Dr. Reed would be around $7-8K and he seems to have done good work from what I can tell.

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It all depends on what you are looking for. 1200 grafts may make you happy and content or 3300 make may not be enough it all depends on your expentations. Once you meet a doctor in person there estimate may change a bit.

Good luck on what decision you make!!!

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