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Donor area dyed for 2500 FUE.

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Hello All,


One month ago I had HT surgery (2500 FUE). I am blond and my donor area was dyed (black) to do the extraction. I almost didn't have any shedding (yet) and transplanted hair remained on my scalp. Some of the transplanted hair that continued growing are entirely black (not all but at least 50% are). Does anyone know if this is normal and when all transplanted hair shed they will grow blond? I am just a bit confused why they are growing black but not like when you dye your hair and when they grow a little bit you can see the original hair color at the bottom of the hair?

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I don't know the answer to that one, but donor hair is often darker than surrounding recipient hair because 1) the former are not minutarized, and 2) they are not as bleached naturally by the sun. You don't notice until thye are up there with the fine, soft and fairer minaturized hair.

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