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Dr. DORIN - Uk patient "JayWalker" Pre/PostOp 1647 Hairline FUT

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JayWalker has just undergone follicular unit hair transplantation with Dr. Dorin to restore his hairline. The treatment was @ 7 hours. 1647 grafts were transplanted consisting of 819 singles, 806 doubles, and 22 threes - a total of 2,497 hairs














Patient Services Director for True & Dorin Medical Group


Dr. True and Dr. Dorin are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Thanks for the pictures.

Had my cleanup today and did my first shampoo.

No swelling as yet, pain very minor in donor area, none in recipient.

A tiny amount of numbness on the top of my head, but seems to be subsiding pretty quickly.



October 2011 - 1647 FUT - Dr Dorin


January 2014 - 1580 FUT - Dr Dorin

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