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3020 FUT with Dr. Bisanga

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Hi guys


Am 3 days out from having 3020 FUT (7358 hairs....457 1's, 1161 2's, 1029 3's, and 373 4's) with Dr Bisanga in Brussels in the front third of my scalp . The whole thing seemed to go swimmingly...but damn it's a long day in the chair........

The whole staff were quaity there but a special thanks to the patient advisor Steve. He has been a great help throughout the whole process.


Arrived in Brussels sunday night...checked in to the hotel and found the clinic. Arrived at the clinic 07:30 on the Monday and met the doctor and the team. Dr Bisanga is a v decent chap and I knew I was in good hands throughout the whole process....


I am sure most of you will know the process but first up he took the pre op photos, then shaved my head down. Then it was in to the chair, a valium and an antiobiotic tablet, and the injections began. The injections are certainly not pleasant but I just detached myself mentally for a few minutes and they were soon done.


Next Dr Bisanga took the strip. It's certainly a strange feeling. No pain at all but I have to admit the noise is not pleasant....I believe Dr Bisanga said he takes the strip in 3 sections. Not sure if this is the norm but I guess different doctors have different techniques....


After that the techicians went to work on dividing the grafts while the doctor opened the channels. Again no real pain and I chatted happily with the Dr throughout the process.


After that the technicians started to insert the grafts with Dr Bisanga checking back in at regular intervals to examine the work.


All in it was a long day and I was pretty relieved when it was all done, but in all fairness I cannot fault the profesionalism of the team.


I returned to the clinic the following day for a quick check up and to have the donor and recipient areas cleaned. They seemed very happy with the work and I was good to go.


I flew home that day, and the only blip on an otherwise text book visit was a very slight bump on the head as I boarded the plane. When I got home and removed my bandana I was prett panicked to see that a graft had stuck to it and popped out. After a minor panic attack I emailed Steve at the clinic, who replied to me within 5 mins ( in the evening) to put my mind at ease and to tell me not to worry about it. I got my head cleaned up and everything looked fine.


Am 3 days out now and healing up very nicely. No probs at all with donor or recipient area...although my head has swelled up like a melon, particulalry around the eyes.I know it's the norm but damn I look like a freek!!!......seems to be going down now thank god. Some before and after photos attached and would welcome any feedback. Will add some more when the stiches come out and will keep you all updated....






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Thanks for sharing your experience and wish you great and successful transplant.


love the scar as it seems to be pencil thin in the future. How I wish I got a scar like that. Good luck.


Hariri every scar starts pencil think especially right after surgery. Predicted a scar one day post op is extremely difficult. You could say it looks clean and great so far but saying one day post op that the scar is going to be pencil thin in the future is like being a psychic.

So many factors go into a good scar from genetics of the patients to post op care to doctors skill. Not even a doctor can fully predict how thin a scar will be. How can you?

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Hey...Congratulations...It seems that the result is going to turn out too good...


Must say that you got great density...as in...your 3020 grafts yielded 7358 hairs...whereas my 3400 grafts yielded just 6660 hairs...


Your transplant looks awesome as of now...both the recipient as well as donar area...!!


Grow well!!

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Day 13. Sutures came out 3 days ago. Loads of little hairs in the recipient area. Scar still very visible as I would have expected, with a few little scabs still visible on it. Back to work tomorrow...will be a challenge but don't reckon it will be too bad. Apologies for the poor photo quality.....photographing the back of your own head is harder than it sounds!!!! Am v happy with where I am overall.






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Thanks for sharing your experience.


From the looks of it, you're healing quite well.


I think that amount of grafts you got should give you nice coverage and a very natural looking result. Bisanga frequently produces some of the most impressive results I ever see.


Be sure to keep us updated. Grow well.




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One month out......so far so good.....reciepent is still quite red but no discomfort what so ever ...think most of the grafts have shed the hair ..I want those little suckers back.....Scar is fine. It appears much better in reality than it looks in the photo. Am putting bio-oil on daily and has been fine. There seems to be a small scab still attached, that I hadn't noticed until I saw the photo, but other than that once the pinkness clears it should be fine. My hair is a grade 3 all over now which is a relief to be able to wear it all the same length finally. My skin is quite pale so I expect the pinkness to last a while but it's getting there!!!




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Slow but steady progress......scar is invisible with hair about grade 5/6. Recipient area still a bit red. Hard to tell if there is any shock loss in recipient area as hair was quite thin there anyway but wore it a bit longer.....overall am where I should be......hopefully things should start to happen in the next couple of months.....:)





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The low hair to skin color contrast helps when you get your final results, however, during the shed and growth phases, the white skin can really bring out the redness.


Sickboy, are there little pimples in the recipient area currently? It might just be the pics but it looks like there may be some in-grown hairs present. Be sure to let Dr. Bisanga aware if it is the case.


You've gone through the worst phase (shedding). Now onto happier times.

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Thanks Janna. There are a couple of small pimples...have emailed Dr Bisanga's rep and he didn't seem at all worried.......I will email him some photos too just to be sure....my skin is quite pale so the redness is still quite evident......The photos were taken immediately after washing my hair, using a flash so the it prob looks worse in the photos....have noticed quite a bit of growth n the last couple of days so am on my way!!!!

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Long time lurker here!


Looking good sickboy, it really kicks in at 4 months. Please keep posting your progress... I'm very much considering FUT with Bisanga and similar work in terms of. no. of grafts into frontal third. Two/ three months time you should be in a great place.

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Thanks Slickers.......am in the middle of the frustrating phase but hopefully things are begining to happen now!!! Was v impressed with the whole setup with Dr. B.......obviously can't comment on the final result yet but fingers crossed.

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