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I am 22 years old and I have been suffering with hairloss since I was 17.

I would say that I am a Norwood 2. In looking for a potential hair surgeon, I researched Dr. Leonard in Massachusetts, Dr. Cam Simmons in Ontario, and Drs. Nusbaum and Charles in Florida.


In June of this year, I met with both Nusbaum and Charles in their respective offices. I met with Nusbaum first, and I was taken with his warmth and calm demeanor. As he examined my scalp and drew my potential hairline,I felt like I was in good hands. Nusbaum noted that I have strong donor hair and proposed 2300 FUT grafts, but wanted me to begin a Propecia regiment for at least six months before I went in for the procedure. I thought that was a fair assessment.


I met with Dr. Charles the next day. Like Nusbaum, Charles was friendly and I was impressed with his passionate enthusiasm. Additionally, I liked the hair line Charles drew for me, as it would cover some of the loss I have experienced on the sides/temple area (Nusbaum was against doing this). However, I was not too impressed with his before/after results that were featured in a photo album in his waiting room.


Now, here is my question: Is Dr.Charles one of the best doctors, or would I be better off looking at someone else? I know he is recommended on this site, but I'm somewhat conflicted because of Dr. Charles' disclipanary action in Minnesota (where he forgot to re up his med license) and also a smear website I came across (drglenncharles.com).





Any feedback would be appreciated.

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