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mick reno

Dr. Dorin for FUE?

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Has anyone on here had an FUE procedure done by Dr. Dorin they'd be willing to discuss or share pictures from? I have searched this forum and others but have only found a handful of results. Many of them being only from the actual procedure, not the end result.

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Hello Mick. first of all i have enough hair that i didnt really need a HT, but my hairline was receding a bit and was annoying me, since i couldnt comb my hair back, or have it long, couse it would part funny in the middle. I had my hairline done by Dr dorin using the fue technique. about 700 grafts. i see now that it wasnt enough or he lowered the hairline a little too much. thats the only complain i have. the procedure itself was painless. only the first 2 nights i had to be careful about not lying on my head. its been about over a year. if i could do it again, i would cloose Fut. for about the same amount i paid, i couldve had double the amount of grafts. plus i would hate to be having 2 or 3 more procedures. although now im considering another because like i said theres not enough hair in my hairline. after my ht i was taking pics all the time, but after a while, i didnt pay attention and deleted all the pics. anyways it takes about 9 months to see the final results.

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