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2,000 grafts with Dr. Paul Shapiro

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Well, here we grow again. :D


I underwent my second procedure with Dr. Paul Shapiro (3rd overall) this Wednesday. I received 1,999 grafts = 3,624 hairs. The plan was to increase the density behind my hairline with about 500 grafts in the frontal tuft and 1000 grafts strengthening the corners of the frontal third and going back towards my bridge. Roughly 500 grafts were placed in the crown.


The hair count is:

1's - 654

2's - 1074

3's - 262

4's - 9


1999 grafts = 3624 hairs


I was very happy with my prior procedure with Dr. Paul as I got a very natural hairline and received a significant improvement in density. He also fixed up some of the shoddy work from my first procedure. The aim this time around was to address some bare/thin patches in the front corners and increase the density overall. The 500 grafts in the crown should give me more hair in which to better blend with concealers.


The physiology of my skin was a big factor in preparing and strategizing for the procedure. Dr. Paul noticed in the pre-op consultation that I had small patches of psoriasis-type irritations on my scalp. I also had irritated/inflamed spots in my scar even though it was almost two years old. Dr. Paul started me on an anti-biotic and prednisone regimen the day before the procedure to reduce the redness/irritations and preempt any bad reaction that I had experienced last time (I fought off a possible staff-infection).


Dr. Paul was not entirely pleased with how I scarred from my last procedure (it didn’t really bother me as my hair covered it just fine, no one noticed it). He believes I may be the type to scar a little wider than normal. So Dr. Paul approached the donor strip differently. Instead of doing a trichophytic closer and sutures like last time (which may or may not have contributed to some irritation around my scar) he opted for staples and a double layer closure. The strip was taken right above my previous scar to get more grafts. I will be going in again for a complimentary strip revision within the next year. Due to my fair, pale, easily irritated skin type, Dr. Paul highly suggested regular checkups with a dermatologist.


This is one of the many things I really appreciate about Dr. Paul. He is not just a skilled hair transplant surgeon but he also has great experience as a medical practitioner. This makes a big difference for people like me who may have some physiological issues that could negatively impact the yield if not properly recognized before hand. I know that the patients physiology is often thought of as an easy scapegoat for bad results on this forum. But if you are with a surgeon who understands the external factors you bring to the table, you are in a much better situation.


The surgery went smooth even though I was more nervous than I thought I would be. I mean, this surgery #3 for me after all – I’m a vet now for crying out loud. Janna doing a large portion of the planting was also very reassuring. SMG really does have a great crew and I’m looking forward to sharing my monthly progress again.










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Congrats and happy healing! I concur on the experience with SMG.....you had a great result with your first go around with Dr. Paul, so you must be looking forward to the results this time.

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Surgery - Dr. Ron Shapiro FUE 1/28/13 & 1/29/13 - 1513 grafts



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Nice work, By the way what happened to Dr. Ron, I no longer see results done by him. Do Dr. Paul does most of the surgeries in SMG???

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My Rahal HT thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164456-2500-fut-dr-rahal-hairline-repair.html[/size]

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Congratulations! I hope this procedure addresses all of your concerns and you end up with the results you've always wanted!


Happy growing!

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Thanks for the support guys. I just got the pre-op pics and I thought I'd share them with you as well. Remember these are about 2 years post-op from my 1st round with Dr. Paul Shapiro. In the over-head wetted pics you can see the areas that needed to be addressed this round.










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Looking good aaron..your donor seems pretty dense,could i ask your reasoning for not getting fue?,you would have got 1999 fue no prob..reason im asking is im interested in people opinions on why they personally prefere strip to fue,i know the general opinion on yields etc but a personal opinion interests me as i said,cheers

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Thanks mars. Actually, my donor density is a little below average. My reasons for going with strip this time is 1) I've already done it before. 2) I will save FUE for when I'm basically stripped out. 3) The scars aren't so bad with my hair at the length I keep it.

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aaron, good luck to you! It's no secret that I'm a HUGE fan of SMG and your previous work with Dr. Paul was world class. I look forward to being able to chart your progress with this latest surgery.

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Congrats Aaron! That's gonna look really good when it's all grown in. You and I have almost an identical HT history. Now comes the tough part....good growing!

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a temporary/non-permanent Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the New York area. AHEAD INK is a Milena Lardi trained clinic and uses Beauty Medical equipment and products exclusively.

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Thanks for the well wishes hairthere. And you're right about the hard part... it's so easy to think you've done it before no problem.. and then the shave/doldrums come again and you remember that it's a difficult journey.


And good call about our HT histories lining up... though I'm jealous of your hair texture! Much thicker and coarser than mine. ;)


All the best bud. You were there from my first one.

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Thanks man. I'm looking forward to see what I got in 6 months.


My donor closure was pretty easy for Dr. Shapiro. Before the procedure he estimated i had over 4,000 grafts left via strip. I have no idea how much FUE I have available. We will cross that road when it comes.

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Hi Aaron...it is truly great to see how far you have come in the last few years. I believe once this session grows out, your going to be a very, very happy man.


Dr. Paul certainly does great work, so your certainly in good hands.


Take Care,


Go Cubs!


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13,906 hairs

Performed by Dr. Ron Shapiro


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Thanks Jason. Really appreciate it. It all started with a little chat with you on this network. Thanks for vouching for me two years ago! I won't forget it. :)

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Sorry mate,totally missed this :o

Congratulations on your third session.

Sounds more or less identical to mine last month(must get graft count),in fact looking at your situation from the beginning we were more or less in the same boat apart from the first one.

Good growing to you and looking forward to this time next year for the both of us. :cool:

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No problem and thanks balody. Yeah, our situations are similar except I postponed going to a great doctor until my second procedure. D'oh! I should have done it your way. ;)


But I'm happy to be in great hands now and feel better about my hair future. Cheers to us this year!

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Hey Aaron, just looked at your site again.... your hair is awesome!


Question... I can definitely see your point that when your hair is wet (pics from third surgery) - some thinning can be seen. But dry, your hair looks flawless. Are the dry pics not showing something that can be seen in person?

Dr Arocha

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H1: 508

H2: 1741

H3: 1377



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Thanks ahairdown. Appreciate the compliments! :)


Yeah, regarding the dry look: with the way I styled my hair the thin patches could be somewhat hidden, though under bright lights or the sun they could be seen. You could tell it was a thinner area. The frontal tuft was the strongest area but the corners were thinner. Also, the transition zone between the frontal third and the bridge needed to be addressed. I may have had even more thinning there since my last transplant.

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Awesome dude....really happy for ya!!

Your a great guy and have helped many people on here....a true hairloss crusader;).


I too missed this and can only apologise dude


warm wishes Nutster

2 poor very poor UK ht's

2 world class repairs with Shapiro Medical Group

original thread


Dr Paul's procedure http://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/home-page.asp?WebID=1710

Dr Ron's procedure


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Bullit is back! No prob dude and great to hear from you! Can't wait to see some updates from your job with Dr. Paul.


Keep it real.

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Ironically I was in Minneapolis the day after Aaron got his procedure done and we bumped into each other at Shapiro's office where I had scheduled a consultation.


Firstly, it was cool to see someone about my age with roughly my own hair characteristics enjoying the results of surgery, especially someone who was down to earth with realistic expectations.


Secondly, I was impressed by how scientific and thorough the consultation was. They used some software and magnification to give me a more precise idea of donor density and how it might be spread across the scalp in future surgeries. It made a lot more sense to see what it looked like in blow-up photographs.


I'm currently trying to schedule my first surgery with Shapiro in early October, I'm hoping. After visiting, I felt good about putting myself in their hands.

Jan 2000 - 600 FUT with Dr Kurgis (MHR)

Sept 2011 - 1411 FUT with Dr Paul Shapiro

Jan 2013 - 1800 FUT with Dr Paul Shapiro

Sep 2014 - 1000 FUE with Dr Paul Shapiro


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Grow long and prosper! I look forward to seeing the end of the trilogy next year!

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Bonkerstonker! :D




Update I'm now on 12200 Grafts, hair loss has been a thing of my past for years. Also I don't use minoxidil anymore I lost no hair coming off it. Reduced propecia to 1mg every other day.


My surgeons were

Dr Hasson x 4,

Dr Wong x 2

Norton x1

I started losing my hair at 19 in 1999

I started using propecia and minoxidil in 2000

Had 7 hair transplants over 12200 grafts by way of strip but

700 were Fue From Norton in uk

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