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Thanks neojkj, Dr. Madhu is a very busy person, he performs 3 surgeries per day and there would be around 100 patients for consulting.



3 surgeries a day O_o



how does he manage to look after 3 surgeries

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Hi dude,


Hope you are enjoying your full head of hair.


Just need a favour from you. Is it possible for you to upload few scar pics ?


How is your scar healing now ? Are you happy with the scar so far.


I am seriously considering Dr madhu but i am not sure yet.Your favour will might help me in making up my mind.



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I have paid 30 per graft. Actually i had hair transplant at rajamundry with Madhu's sister. As he is charging 50/- per graft i choose Madhu's sister sreedevi who is also equally good at doing hair transplant. She even works with Madhu at hyderabad but they have their own hospital at rajamundry which is their native so she used to perform surgeries for 1 week in every month. Before madhu used to work at Rajamundry.

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I am now getting confused. The opening post indicated that you had your HT with Doctor Madhu but now you state that his sister did the surgery?


Some clarification would be helpful.





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