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Guest mimiwigprovider

There Are Other Affordable Options For A Full Natural Look Head of Hair

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Guest mimiwigprovider

I was speaking with someone that I now call a friend, that was interested in the hair transplant surgical procedure. Unfortunately her insurance did not cover this procedure and it is to expensive for her to pay this expense out of pocket. I shared with her my story of how I cut my hair off completely in 2008. Without thinking of hair transplant surgical procedure, I just cut my hair completely off. I had worn weaves for a very long period of time, after which a long period of time the weaving glue thinned my hair terribly and my hair was extremely damaged. After cutting my hair off, I found myself not wanting to go out in the public due to feeling that people would judge, point finger or even laugh at me. I thought to wear wigs, but they were very itchy and hot in the warm weather. I then began watching a program where I saw a celebrity discussing how she wears an invisible hairline wig, she went on to tell how it is light weight and feels like wearing nothing on her head, but at the same time gives the appearance of a full natural head of hair, the hairline in invisible. This was the answer to everything I had been wanting, I did not want a bulky wig, that felt itchy and I wanted it to be light weight and look very natural. I am so happy to now say this has been the answers to my prayers. On top of it was very affordable, under $400. This was in my budget and allowed me to feel whole again, while my scalp and hair was healing and growing. After sharing with my new look, she has also decided to follow my advice of getting this natural looking new look. If I can share this great option with anyone, send me a message, very very happy to share the good news with you.

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