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I just posted another photo of what has been shedding from my head, I am now 12 days post op, so I take it that this is normal. I keep running my hands through my recipient area and more shedding occurs, should I stop this? I'ts hard to stop because my scalp feels different. Some of the shedding particles do have hairs in them, and some are dark, like a root. Still have some scabs remaining that I'm gently trying to remove in the shower. Would trying to rub these off dry be a bad thing? Thanks in advance.



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At twelve days post-op it would be very unlikely that you could cause any damage to a graft at this point. Be careful because the remaining hairs in the recipient area are more fragile than they where prior to the procedure. Be on the safe side and be gentle with any remaining original hairs in the recipeint area.

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