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info for hair transplant close to indianapolis

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Hi any info and advice for a hair transplant here in indianapolis?I went and had a consultation with Pai Medical it went well.They use the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting.Does anybody have any info or experince with this company?Thanks! for the help.

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That sounds like the outdated plug method. You should avoid the chain clinics as a general rule. Also, it's best to research and consult with several docs before making a decision. Check out some of the docs on this site, maybe do some online consults.

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Don't be afraid to travel for a quality hair transplant. This will be with you forever, and you do not want to make a mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Many doctors offer online and phone consultations so you do not have to travel to speak with them and get their diagnosis.

I am a consultant for Dr. True and Dr. Dorin. These opinions are my own.


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I suggest reviewing our recommended hair transplant surgeons. Like thehairupthere said, it's definitely worthwhile to travel for a quality hair restoration procedure, but hopefully you can review our recommended physicians and find one who is producing high quality results and meets your travel criteria.


Feel free to ask any additional questions.

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The best thing closest to Indy is Dr. Konior in Chicago and Shapiro Medical in Minnesota. But like the others said, don't let travel decide your surgeon.

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Thanks everybody for the info and advice! After reading your posts, I have decided i am ready to travel to get the best hair transplant i can get.Anymore sugestions on the finest hair transplant doctors out there?I am sooooo glad i came across this website.Thanks.

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