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Dr. Jean Devroye experience

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My Early Hair transplant experience (6/4/2011)

Dr Jean devroye

My first hair transplant surgery with Dr Jean Devroye was an experience. I should first say I am around a 3V on the Norwood scale.

It was a 3 day visit to Brussels.

On the first day I met with Dr Devroye for the consultation.

It was a short visit, His first question was “would I like to shave my recipient area or not?”. I asked him the advantages and disadvantages of both. I decided that shaving would probably be the best option, (Dr Devroye was not biased toward doing either it was completely my decision). Shaving the head makes it easier for the doctors to work on your transplant. He drew the hairline he was thinking of and asked me what I thought. I was pleased with it and so was my girlfriend.

The next morning I had a big breakfast and went to the clinic at 8am. Once all the staff arrived they got straight down to business, they took the before pictures shaved the recipient area and drew a hairline and started on the anaesthesia. This is the worst part with the needles but was skilfully done by Antony. They offered me some valium but I didn’t bother taking it. (im not a fan of taking pills if there is no need). Dr Devroye removed the stip. The sensation of the removal of the donor strip is hard to explain. It’s painless but there is a feeling that something is going on. With the strip removed they sent it off to be split into grafts. The donor area was stitched up while some temporary staples were placed in as well (staples were removed the next day).

Next my recipient area was prepared by Dr Devroye where he used some special tools that were developed by “hasson and wong”

By the time Dr Devroye had prepared the recipient area the first set of grafts were ready to be implanted. A test graft was done, once that was ok they started implanting the grafts. It was discovered that they had to place the grafts with a space in-between each graft because of popping. They went over the spaces later after the grafts had settled. After approximately 30min lunch was ready. We had a break for lunch for ~20-30min.

The first estimate for the amount of grafts was around 2414. For the next few hours it was place a quarter of the grafts and take a break and so on. By the end of the session a total of 3086 grafts were planted. It was a long day from about 8am to 8pm. The whole team were great, there was never any felling that they were trying to speed up to get the procedure finished. It was a successful day altogether. Some after pictures were taken and then Dr Devroye dropped me back to the hotel where the long night of spraying my head with saline solution began. I set my phone alarm to go off every 30min. I may have had a few min sleep in-between some of the 30min sprays. The clinic supplied me with everything, a neck rest so I could sit up comfortably in bed and a hat so I could make way down to the clinic the next morning without feeling self conscious of my shaven head.

On the final day i called down to the clinic to get the grafts examined and the staples removed by Dr Devroye. Everything looked good.

I will upload the pictures once I receive them from the clinic.

Hope everything goes well! I will keep people up to date on my progress.

FU1: 431, FU2: 1229, FU3: 1120, FU4: 264

Total grafts: 3086

Total Hairs: 7455

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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Coalition member Dr. Jean Devroye! I look forward to viewing your photos. Please keep us updated on your progress.


Happy Growing!

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


View my Hair Loss Website

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All the best grow well mate.

Bonkerstonker! :D




Update I'm now on 12200 Grafts, hair loss has been a thing of my past for years. Also I don't use minoxidil anymore I lost no hair coming off it. Reduced propecia to 1mg every other day.


My surgeons were

Dr Hasson x 4,

Dr Wong x 2

Norton x1

I started losing my hair at 19 in 1999

I started using propecia and minoxidil in 2000

Had 7 hair transplants over 12200 grafts by way of strip but

700 were Fue From Norton in uk

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Thanks lookingforht, im looking forward to having more hair.

I chose FUT because of a few factors.

I understood that the yield from FUE is not as good as FUT. And i wanted the best possible yield.

Also the amount of grafts i required would have been out of my budget for FUE. The strip scar doesnt bother me aswell.

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Hi Blondhead, how is your growth progressing? Any update would be great.


One quick quesion: How did you choose Dr. Devroye? Did you have any consultation with Feriduni or Bisanga? If yes, what was your impression of them?


Cheers mate,

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