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Bernstein Medical (Dr. Robert M. Bernstein) / Norwood 6 / 4,123 grafts

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Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration patient FBQ is a Norwood Class 6 with slightly wavy, light brown hair and a donor density of 1.5. He had an old plug procedure in 1972. The results shown are after the excision of 28 large grafts and two follicular unit hair transplants spaced one year apart. The FUT procedures consisted of 2,204 and 1,919 grafts each, totaling 4,123 follicular unit grafts.


Click the thumbnails below for a larger view.


Before / After:




Left: Before Hair Transplant

Right: After 2nd Hair Transplant Session


Detail of Hairline:


Note the large grafts in the first photo. These were removed, divided up under the microscope and re-implanted as individual follicular unit grafts. The second photo shows the patient after this procedure has healed and just prior to the first actual hair restoration.




Left: Before Plug Excision

Center: After Plug Excision Phase of Procedure

Right: Position of Planned New Hairline




Left: After 1st Hair Transplant Session

Right: After 2nd Hair Transplant Session


View this patient's before and after hair transplant photos and rate his results in the Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration Patient Photos section:


Patient FBQ Photo Profile





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